Saturday, September 06, 2014

But, I Am Lord Monckton!

In this video, the character popularly known as Lord Monckton, cleverly tries to deny that he is in fact a character played by Sascha Baron Cohen. He tries and almost succeeds, but he upstaged himself with by clever satirical piece he published in The World Net Daily warning Americans that voting for Democrats is "close to treason". He never really explains what he means by "close to treason" but that 's the beauty of being an upper class twit. No one expects you to know what you are saying about about anything anyway!
Here's an excerpt from this brilliant satirical piece:

"There is a chance – it cannot yet be put any higher than that – that the GOP may recapture control of the Senate. The future of civilization itself may depend upon its succeeding.
No one should underestimate just how much the United States is respected, admired and even loved worldwide as an example and a beacon of freedom. But if the “Democrats” get their way, the flickering torch carried by the Statue of Liberty may yet be snuffed out forever, together with the nation of which it has long been the symbol.  By little and little, the “Democrats” have become the implacable enemies of everything for which the Founding Fathers so nobly and so successfully strove. Their increasingly close ideological links with international anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-libertarian Marxism and its sinister bedfellow, pietistic environmental extremism, have become an existential threat to the very survival of the United States as an independent nation.
The threat is real – so real that even to vote “Democrat” comes close to being treason. Lest that statement should sound too extreme, let me explain. The ideologies of Marxism and its modern disguise, environmentalism, are explicitly internationalist – or, rather, anti-nationalist. The very idea of nation states whose citizens might wish to be free is utterly alien to the totalitarian mind, which considers that on all matters of politics only one opinion – that of Big Brother – has any value. All opinions contrary to the Party Line are not merely anathema: they are punishable, often by death.
Just as the savage brutality of Marxism and its twin, Fascism, killed 100 million people in the 20th century, so the active hatred of Man that is the defining characteristic of that 21st-century species of totalitarianism that lurks behind the fig-leaf of environmentalism is bidding fair to kill 100 million more by denying them affordable electrical power.
See how this murderous hatred of all that is human is the very antithesis of the Founding Fathers’ devotion to the idea that each individual soul is of unique value; that, therefore, each individual should have the right to contribute to deciding the future course of his nation by regular secret ballot; and that the State exists to serve the family, which exists to serve its individual members.
They then say the planet will be doomed unless capitalism is destroyed by the simplest of all expedients – denying our industries the affordable energy that is the lifeblood of a free-market economy. For they know there is no surer way to make the bankruptcy of America complete than to choke off her industries and make them internationally uncompetitive.
These three destructive policies – excessive national debt, excessive cuts in the armed forces and excessive regulation and taxation of energy use – have not come together by accident. They are elements in a deliberate strategy, pursued by the international left not only in the United States but worldwide, to destroy the very notion of the nation state – and, in doing so, to overthrow the very notion of democracy and of the individual liberty of which the ballot box is at once the ultimate expression and the ultimate guarantor."

This is brilliant, the Monckton character has cleverly created a non sequitur drooling rant of nonsense linking his Climate Change Denial with the decidedly non conservative position of voter suppression, but I did think it was interesting that he used the pronoun "his" in relation to the individual. Evidently only the men are entitled to be free. Now it all starts to make sense. It all comes down to the three things that aggravate oligarchs the most: national debt, policies to rein in global warming, and cuts in military funding. World Net Daily is so proud to have Lord Christopher Monckton as their new expert on almost anything, after all he does have a title...Let's not let on that we are already onto the fact that they havejust hired the man nominated as The Upper Class Twit of The Year!

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