Monday, March 23, 2015

Black Bird

Beck using the curved side of a dinner fork to get ultra-high notes to simulate the ambient chirping of birds sampled for the track:
"Round about spring, a blackbird sings loudly up on my roof," jeff said, and "Although I didn't record that bird, I got a tape of a blackbird and started jamming with him. If you listen, the notes the bird is singing are almost beyond human hearing, but the actual punctuation and tonal things are there. I aped the bird as close as I could, and we all had a good laugh with that one."
Album "YOU HAD IT COMING" (2003)

Monday, March 09, 2015

Still Alive! After my unscripted departure over 2 weeks ago to the Medical Center in Perigueux, I got to come home! Thanks to all of my friends who sent emails and concern and good wishes, I truly appreciate and value them. My nephew has a Buddhist monastery in Thailand chanting for me every day!  I really have a new respect for the French Health Care System. All of the staff was professional and really caring. I have not paid a centime and I'm even getting some of the money I spent on having a TV reimbursed by my Mutual. It's not over for me by a long takes some very unexpected turns but I am confident that I am getting the very best treatment available. but now a nurse comes to my home a few days a week. I won't go into the nature of my problems here but it takes a lot to bring me down and I'm far from down! I posted one week's menu from the hospital. The food was actually pretty good! I'll be writing more about our Health Care System in the near future. I haven't really been out of a bed for 2 weeks. I'm still pretty weak and tired but I can walk again! I wanted to let all of my friends and blog readers know that I'm back on line and happy just to be alive!