Wednesday, December 17, 2014


2 ounces white rum
1 lime(s)

Glass Type: Collins glass
Squeeze a lime into a Collins glass, add 2 or 3 ice cubes, and pour in the rum (we like the golden type and really like a darker, more flavorful riserva). Drop in one of the spent lime shells and fill with cold Coca-Cola. Stir briefly.

Leonard Bernstein!

Today, an NBC/ WSJ poll claimed Americans think Race Relations in America are at an over 10 year low.

DEVO originated at Kent State University and started with the Mothersbaugh brothers. Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casales met as Art Majors at Kent. The band was and is an incredibly successful art project. Mark never claimed to be a musician, though the band really developed amzing chops quickly and a totally unique approach to music which set them apart from the beginning and attracted the attention of John Cale and Brian Eno. Mark has had a totally independent career as an artist. His work represents a unique, unbroken personal esthetic that has spanned almost a half century. He states that his non musical, visual approach to composition and technology freed him to make the synthesizers he used do some thing other than what they were intended. He composed the soundtrack for a few of Wes Anderson's films including Moonrise Kingdom. For the film, he said he finally found a use for the collection of antique birdcalls he had collected for years. Mark has had a few retrospective shows in major museums recently and finally a great book, Myopia, spanning his career as an artist has been produced with a forward by Wes Anderson. Wes claims that Mark has created his own Mutant Magic Kingdom and it is Akron, Ohio! Here's a link to sample pages of the book at WINKBOOKS.
If you have never seen the collaboration between Neil Young and DEVO from Youngs film, Human Highway, check this out!

Cho za Huinya?

We are still officially celebrating the joyous Festival of Zappadan and my offering today is a remembrance of the brief window of sanity, when Vlacav Havel was the first democratically elected president of The Czech Republic after it regained it's independence when the Soviet Union crumbled.  Havel was a great poet, playwright and political dissident who spent years in prison for his words and ideas. He was a great admirer of Frank Zappa and offered Frank an official appointment as trade ambassador in his government. Zappa was amazed at how popular he really was in The Czech Republic. Indeed, one of Czechoslavakia's most popular underground bands was a band called Plastic People of The Universe, which had been inspired by Zappa's work and music. The Plastic People have been very popular, since 1976.  Havel was a supporter and fan and they are still active today.
What happened to Zappa's career in international diplomacy?
When a Texan like Secretary of State James Baker defends the honor of his wife, it doesn't matter how long he has to wait or how far he has to go to do it.
In this case , Baker diplomatically used his surrogates to ace Zappa out of a job as the trade representative from Czechoslovakia because the rocker had publicly insulted Baker's wife Susan.
President Vaclav Havel did offer the job of special ambassador to the West on trade, culture and tourism to Frank Zappa. That is the Frank Zappa--the man who has produced more than 50 albums including "Freak Out," "Burnt Weeny Sandwich," "Uncle Meat," and "Weasels Ripped My Flesh," the same Frank Zappa who named his children Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet, and Diva; the same Frank Zappa whose performance once featured a stuffed giraffe that squirted whipped cream out of it's asshole on the audience.
He is many things, but diplomat is not among them, thanks to Baker. Havel, a playwright known for absurd satire, met Zappa in Prague in January 1990, and the two men hit it off immediately. Havel had long been a fan of Zappa's music genius and even credited his music as part of the inspiration for the anti-communist revolution. A Czech group, "The Plastic People of the Universe," named after one of Zappa's songs, copied his style and became an underground sensation in Czechoslovakia. Their revolutionary lyrics so irritated the communist government that the group was thrown behind bars for disturbing the peace.
That mobilized Havel and other artists to form a dissident group that led the opposition and, after communism was toppled, formed the nucleus of the current Czech government.
So Havel had plenty to thank Zappa for. He was so grateful, in fact, that he impetuously created the special ambassadorship for Zappa. The musician left town with Havel's praise in his ears and the adulation of hundreds of fans who treated him as a Czech national hero. He was even talking about applying for citizenship.
Two weeks later, Baker came to town carrying an old grudge. It dated from 1985, when Susan Baker and other well-connected Washington wives, including Tipper Gore, wife of Sen. Albert Gore, D-Tenn., formed Parents Music Resource Center. The group's objective was a music ratings system similar to the movie ratings, based on sex, obscenity and violence.
Zappa, the purveyor of all three in his lyrics, came to Washington for a showdown before the Senate Commerce Committee. He was unrelenting in his criticism of the ratings idea. He ridiculed Susan Baker and the others, calling them "a group of bored Washington housewives," and said they wanted to "housebreak all composers and performers because of the lyrics of a few."
Zappa even mimicked Susan Baker's Southern accent. This was too much for Sen. Slade Gorton, R-Wash., who snapped at Zappa during the hearing, calling him "boorish, incredibly and insensibly insulting."
James Baker remembered the insult. When he arrived in Prague, on the heels of Zappa's appointment as trade representative, Baker had his surrogates convey his displeasure to Havel. It was delicately phrased as "advice," suggesting that "an American should not serve as a trade representative for Czechoslovakia." Baker's real objection was apparently twofold--he was still piqued over the insult to his wife, and he thought the appointment made Havel look amateurish.

So the Czechs, anxious to please the foreign minister of the world's biggest superpower, cooled on the Zappa appointment. They dragged their feet, explaining to Zappa that bureaucratic red tape was getting in the way. Several months later, Zappa was appointed unofficial cultural ambassador and the video I found illustrates the way a real ambassador of culture gets his job done.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bill Bonds

I sort of ran into this video a few days ago. The editorialist is a Detroit media journalist named Bill Bonds. Bonds was a passionate, charismatic fixture in Detroit jounalism. I grew up with his voice as a  prime time local news anchor man for years. He was intelligent and compassionate and perhaps his personal flaws kept him from going beyond the confines of local news. Bonds, an alcoholic who once tried to physically assault Detroit mayor Coleman Young during an interview, is a throwback to a time – one long since passed – when one could be a "Man's Man" or a Tough Guy without waving around a gun like a surrogate dick. Such comments would never make it on the air today – especially not on the wasteland local TV news has become – despite the fact that they are as true right now as they were when first spoken. This editorial comment was delivered the night after John Lennon was assassinated and it might be, without exaggeration, one of the finest the finest moments of American television journalism.  I tried to find a transcript of his commentary on the internet, without success so I have tried to transcribe it myself:

I suppose like you I am depressed and saddened by this mad, senseless act. I don’t think John Lennon ever hurt anyone; he wrote and he sang songs. He brought pleasure and he brought entertainment to hundreds of millions of people all over the world. And at 40 when a man’s or a woman’s life really begins to "Come Together," he is gone forever. Murdered by some insignificant nobody with insanity and a pistol for his companions. It is not fair and it is certainly not right.
I wonder when America will finally control its guns, how many of us will have to be murdered before that will happen. John Kennedy. Bob Kennedy. Martin Luther King Jr. All murdered, all gone. Vernon Jordan, gunned down earlier this year. George Wallace, paralyzed, his life and career ruined. People, critics, newspapers all over the world today are looking at America and Americans and saying, "That is a brutal, barbaric place."
As I say control the guns and ban them, collect them all and melt them down, I know we are not going to do that. We are again left with painful, senseless trauma and the responsibility of feeding and clothing the Sirhan Sirhans, the Charles Mansons, the David Berkowitzes, and now the Mark David Chapmans of the world. How much better the world might be with Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy, John Kennedy, John Lennon, still alive, still with us.
But…no, Americans must have their guns. We know there is no shortage of good, strong, sensitive, talented men and women; we can afford to kill them. Our guns are signs of our freedom. Someday maybe all 220 million of us will own a weapon. Perhaps then we will appear as barbaric to ourselves as we must appear to the rest of the world. 

We have so much. Why do we Americans need these damn guns.
Leonard Bernstein would have approved of this, so I'm doing it for him!
Ever have one of those kind of days? I feel better now....
I feel better than James Brown!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What A Way To Die

Here's a proto punk klassik from 1966 by the Pleasure Seekers. One of Detroit's finest bands! I saw them many times. The last time, they opened for the Yardbirds when both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were in the band at the same time! The bass player is Suzi Quatro who went on to have a few massive hits in the UK and Australia in the 1970's....Hmmm, wasn't she Leather Tuscadero on the American Classic sit come Happy Days? 

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Eric Garner/Police Brutality Protest
Live Stream

And it's really almost too late to do anything about the 6th Great Extinction event.
This time, it isn't glaciation, geologic or a cosmic event.
We are doing it to ourselves.
Will that be man kinds greatest achievement?
I dreamed I was raptured in my Maidenform Bra...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cheese is not an artificially flavored and colored product made from synthetic ingredients to be sold in individually wrapped slices for your protection! It is a real, living thing and it is SEXY!
J'ai toujours commandez  mon calendrier pour 2015!
Miss Forme d'Ambert! MIAMMMM!
I have to apologize for the cranky political posts I wrote yesterday. Today, to make up for it, here's a bit of yuletime holiday cheer with the inimitable seasonal pop stylings of Iggy Pop.
On the other hand, this memo might just sum up the entire George Bush Jr. Presidency in a few short lines.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Full Of Crap

A very interesting piece in todays Guardian Observer only affirms and reinforces what most of us have always know since we learned of the origins of Al Qaeda and the American support of the Taliban in Afghanistan back in the days of the good old Soviet evil empire. We aided and abetted Al Qaeda and helped it to grow beyond the tunnel vision of our desire to thwart the Soviets.  In 2007, I published a post that proved that Dick Cheney was right to state that there was a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, but his chain of evidence was fatally flawed because in my piece, I established the fact that the connecting dots actually had George Bush Jr.s' failed Arbusto Energy Co. directly in the center. It's a messy trail, involving Enron, George Bush Sr. when he was head of the CIA. It may be a messy trail, but the mess they left behind firmly establishes the basis of the funding and support Al Qaeda received until the mid 1990's! Google the BCCI bank collapse for more interesting background info.

The Guardian article is an insiders account of the genesis of the ISIS Caliphate by one of it's senior commanders. He details how the concept was born in 2004 in the  Camp Bucca Prison complex in Iraq. One of the inmates of the American prison complex was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the emir of the ISIS Caliphate. You should read the entire piece, because it gives a fascinating insight into how we created the very fertile ground that ISIS sprang from.
I have believed that the enhanced interrogation techniques the Americans desperately employed after 9/11 were much more than the simple medieval waterboarding and sleep deprivation techniques the American government would reluctantly allude to. After the Abu Ghraib revelations, it was apparent that this was not an aberration. This was a descent into medieval madness. As demented as anything dreamed up in our Sadistic Nazi War Fantasies.This was the Inquisition gone amok.
It's no surprise that the sociopathic chief enabler of this demented policy, Dick Cheney is in full offensive/defensive mode trying to justify and deny the reality that his policies had no positive effect and proved that he is another demented sociopath, who learned nothing from history. He repeated the most horrific mistakes of the past and in the corse of events created a future for us all beyond his worst nightmares. But then again, psychologists say sociopathic psychos don't dream.
Hey Dick, the report is full of crap? Maybe we should just play your cranky whiny interview with the volume turned off and listen to the great Cleveland proto punk band, The Electric Eels instead!
And if that isn''t lame enough. 
"Look guys, I'm the Decider, and this time I'm deciding not to know this. Next."
That's right, the guy Americans elected twice even though they knew he wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he was smart enough to surround himself with a bunch of manipulative sociopathic psychos tried to worm his way out of this by stating that he was kept out of the loop of detailed info because he felt he was too dumb to keep secrets.
Bush's self-awareness of his own idiocy was revealed in May 2004, during a presentation about the CIA's torture program. Via Mother Jones (a full summary of the presentation is available onpage 98 of the report):

I dunno, Dick said he did and George said he didn't. Who cares? They both full of crap!

Looking At You

MC5, more live than you'll ever be. 
1970, WSU Tartar Field on the edge of the John Lodge Expressway in Detroit.
I just saw myself in the crowd! Cool. I always knew I would eventually be in two places at the same time.