Friday, February 20, 2015


bj said...
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bj said...

As I sat reading emails today my dog moved restlessly from room to room. We've had several ice storms and near zero temperatures for the last four days here in middle tennessee and it's quite dangerous just trying to walk outdoors. I keep several feeding and watering stations for birds around my house, front and back, so just maintaining them in these conditions is treacherous. 10 degree weather, like the constant fear of bustin' my big ass on that ice, has a tendency to shorten the length of time I spend on my forages outdoors as well. For a five year old German Shepherd, on the other hand, outside conditions are perfect for playing and he is surprisingly very sure-footed on the icy flats as he charges about swinging his favorite toy - his bucket(a plastic Folgers coffee container with a rope tied through it. his first toy when he was 12 weeks old and we still play bucket today - which is mostly tug of war, but sometimes we just walk along and bounce the bucket. s'a cool game). Even the slightest nudge can knock a man off his feet in this glaze. so far I've only fallen once and my knee still hurts like SIN so I'm limiting my outdoor exposure to all things bird sustaining and not the playful exercise my adoring companion so aggressively demands. So I was sitting here reading emails and my dog is sitting tall and very near me. Watching me and huffing .... and he's got this regular sort of panting breathing going on and ... after awhile it sounds exactly like Jack Torrance's typewriter hitting those keys. Over and over ..... just like in your post.
forecast is for 2-3" of rain tomorrow and temperatures in the 40's so that should be goodbye to the ice and snow, hello to the mud. either way I get knocked down by a rambunctious dog tomorrow ... again