Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It Is Immoral To Pay An Immoral Debt!

Update: The livestream feed I posted a little while ago seems to be dead for the time being. I cannot get any real info as to what is occurring in LA right now. Perhaps we are dealing with another media blackout?(here's a little info) Please Stand By...meanwhile, why can't we discuss the way Ecuador dealt with it's massive debt. They kicked out the Goldman Sachs overseers and the IMF and did a people's audit and made it public as to what was real debt and what was sheer usury. They then acted accordingly and refused to pay the immoral debt, meanwhile, Ecuadors social sevices networks remained intact! When you think of what is going down with the Teabrains being manipulated by the banks to destroy our social infrastructure and then realize the devastating social consequences of the idea of austerity as applied to ripping us off to pay for the imbecilic irresponsible monetary greed that has destroyed the worlds corporate economy....???

Will the LAPD forcefully try to destroy Occupy LA today? Here is the livestream feed.
Meanwhile, there are over 2 million Brits protesting and on strike today demonstrating against the futility and the utter failure of the concept of making the 99% pay for the inept clumsy policies of  the
 1% Corporacracy. You should really watch the Documentary I posted last night, Debtocracy.
Remember, friends, the easy solution of lazy greedy governments to try to fast fix and steal from us by trying to guilt you into accepting austerity  as the answer, is doomed to failure. Austerity is the fast lane to economic failure and even bigger social problems. Why should you have to pay for the economic idiocy of a government who wasted your money, incurred massive debts in a shell game which only benefitted in a short term financial span, the criminals who played them?

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