Friday, June 28, 2013


Today, after a brief sojourn yesterday, romping semi nude in the 22 degree celsius sunshine, I awoke to a cloud shrouded sky. It even rained half heartedly for a few minutes. The high today is probably going to reach 16 celsius...that's your assignment today, convert celsius to fahrenheit....okay, it not even 70 degrees and if the sun doesn't shine? What the fuck does that mean? I took the dogs out for a walk about 7:30 and came back shivering. I made coffee and inspected the vegetable garden of stunted plants, waiting for just a few nice days. Very sad...a few raspberries, though I believe I will have a bumper crop of cassis...Cassis likes shade, dampness and cool temperatures. I did have more strawberries than I have ever had...about 12 kilos! And I found almost another 2 kilos of giant girolles in the forest today.... Maybe, it will be warmer next week, the first week of July? What do I know? I have my theories, but I want my tomatoes to start pumping out those Beef Steaks! All of my melons plants are contemplating suicide! Why? Why????? Blame it on another depression, this one has been officially named, Quasimodo.....I don't know if this German website is good for North America, but here in Europe, you can "adopt a vortex". Give it a name to suit it's evil personality. With this year of Mary Shelley depressive Frankenstein inspiring weather, it appears to be one tiny way we weather victims might have the last laugh..........

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Ol'Buzzard said...

I am all for the metric system (easy understandable: divide by 10's and 100's) except for temperature. The scale is too cramped - hard to distinguish between suttle differences.
the Ol'Buzzard