Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sarkozy versus Gypsies

On Thursday,  a gypsy camp was brutally broken up by the French Police, families were separated and RER commuter trains were requisitioned to hastily begin illegal deportations with out due legal process.
More of this governments pandering to the extreme right element they think they need to win the next presidential election, but also, echoing the racist brutality that is surfacing across Europe.
The Gypsy Band, VAMA with the rapper Ralflo.
Play this loud and watch on a full screen, please!

Here's a translation of the French Rap segment:
 (France smells like a bad aroma
It's like a riot along the runways
They are crushing, demolishing the vivid dreams of the romantics 
Remove their serums from all caravans
Cash, 3 shooters and we throw up the rum
The Rom(a) sent away, guts by airmail 
This Romeo lands in Romania
Juliet is a man, she banished him
Abolished borders as Ebola did
Definition of Roma, the real, modified
Superman, consensus, all abide
One could write thousands of novels about
We are all sons of gypsies, nomads, migrants
Sarkozy continues to do a lot
But still all roads lead to the Rom(a).)

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