Tuesday, September 27, 2011

which side are you on?

 The NYPD officer caught on video macing peaceful female "Occupy Wall Street" protesters at close range, then "slinking away," has been identified. And doxed by Anonymous. "Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice," the intro to "BadCop D0x" begins. "WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!"
In todays NY Times, the NYC Police Department releases a statement defending the bizarrely cruel and atrocious behavior of the white shirt clad police offiicial who pepper sprays the women who have been kettled in the face as somehow appropriate. They go on to trot out the fascist cliche of the oppressor being somehow "The Victim" after Anonymous outs the bastard and publishes his identity and his previous criminal anti social brutal behavior.
Tony Bologna is a serial sadist who is presently being sued for his actions in 2004, when he engaged in the same behavior during the Republican Convention in NYC. The NYPD and the Times are equally guilty here by trying to gloss over this incident which was broadcast internationally as a result of the need to aggressively deal with the "inevitable" rise in social protests as a result of the "inevitable " economic disaster already in progress. In other words, the media and the PR of the police forces are trying to inure us to the spectacle of violent and sadistic repressive tactics to discourage your right to speak out.
What the Times does not report is the fact that today, over 100 NYC Police Officers conducted their own job action, refusing to work in solidarity with the Protestors. This was an international embarrassment for NYC. Unfortunately, it takes an internationally televised action like this, and the ensuing attempt by citizens to obtain justice to draw focus on the brutal idiocy, the over kill, the psychotic free agents within the law enforcement agency to publicize the issues that propelled the Occupy Wall Street Protest. It's time for Americans to get up off of their lethargic asses and show the world which side they are on really on before it's too damn late.

If you think Deputy Inspector Bologna should be fired and prosecuted for his abuse of power, file an on-line complaint with:


Laci The Dog said...

I've been blogging about this over on MikeB's blog. The US media isn't covering it and the right wing astroturfers are all over it.

dog gone said...

I saw yesterday where this ass maced a fellow police officer at the same time he abused these women. Apparently that officer is quite irate with the offending officer's actions.

There is by no means a united front on this within the police force.

Laci, maybe you should be asking microdot about cross posting this on MikeB's blog....heh heh heh. This would really stir the pot over there...

I saw an excellent interview of one of the chief reporters from the UK Guardian on Keith Olbermann. If you're interested, it is probably available online.