Friday, December 09, 2011

"If they do not do what you tell them, strike them." says SFPD while kettling OccupySF 2011-12-07

 In this video from the kettling of Occupy San Francisco protesters, SFPD sergeant Peter Thoshinsky (helmet #2197) is recorded walking the police line, ordering his officers, "If they do not do what you tell them, strike them."
Obviously, the cops believe they are protected from the constitutional violations of the demonstrators rights. They are protected in their sci fi riot gear armor and the supposed legal umbrella of the Empire. They have been indoctrinated into believing the demonstrators are less than human and represent a danger that has to be destroyed by what ever it takes. Geez, that's sort of like Republican Election Tactics. Ain't that America! Life in today's new improved corporate USA.
A few protestors ended up in the hospital. Get a lawyer, take a
The protesters who record this are understandably upset and try to engage the officers in a dialog about whether such an order is legal and should be followed. There's a certain amount of violating Godwin's Law here, which is understandable, even if it might not be the best way to win the day.

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jadedj said...

Well, in this case there is clear reason to use the Nazi comparison, eh?

Incidentally, thanks for the follow. I stumbled over here by way of Squatlo's Rant. Excellent posts found herein!