Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Geraldo's Hoodies

Oh the cruel godless hate of the liberals....why can't they just leave Geraldo alone? He apologized, (well, sort of) Now look what the hateful liberal blogging peoples has entire blog filled with images and what these twisted hate filled liberal minds consider  "humor" of Geraldo Rivera wearing his FOX NEWS Hoodie, which, I still can't order! I want one of these bad boys soo bay-adddddd!
(I'm sure they'll be back in the FOXNEWS ONLINE STORE again soon, after all Geraldo did apologize and they've got a warehouse full of these truly stylin made in China FOX NEWS HOODIES stashed in a warehouse somewhere and their marketing people say they just gotta move 'em)

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microdot said...

btw...the NRA now is featuring a concealed weapon hoodie in their online store!