Friday, March 23, 2012

On Lache Rien

This has become the French Speaking Worlds Anthem of Les Idignes or the 99%. This was Paris on Sunday. There were 100,000 people in front of The Bastille, brought together by Jean-Luc Melenchon, the presidential candidate of the ultra leftist Front Gauche, who as of today has over taken Marine Le Pen of the ultra right Front National as the third place candidate in the polling. This has been a very chaotic week in French politics with the first tour of the election only 31 days away. I have been trying to translate the lyrics to this song. I just saw a great video of the protest on March 22 in Montreal, using the same soundtrack! Here's my latest translation attempt: 

The bottom of my urban ghetto
Deep into your campaign
Our reality is the same
and resistance is growing everywhere
In this world we had not our place
It was not the face of employment
It was not born in a palace
It was not candy 

Homeless, unemployed workers
Farmers, immigrant, undocumented
They wanted to divide us
I will say they almost got there
and it was every man for his mouth
their system could prosper
But was that one day we wake
and 1%, the privileged heads will fall

We loose nothing, nothing to loose
nothing is loose, we loose nothing!
We loose nothing (Wallou)
We loose nothing (Wallou) (Wallou is Moroccan for nothing!)
We loose nothing, nothing to loose

They spoke of equality
and like fools we believed them
Democracy makes me laugh
If this were the case we have been able
to  balance our ballot
facing the law of the market,
Too bad my dear compatriots, but we thoroughly fucked
What the fuck are human rights against the sale of an Airbus
Basically there is a simple rule
sell more to sell more
The republic is a prostitute of the sidewalk dictators
Their rhetoric is longer believed,
Our leaders are liars


It's so stupid, so commonplace
to speak of peace, brotherhood
when the homeless dying on the slab
and we lead the hunt of the undocumented
We throw crumbs to the proletarians
History just to calm them,
they will not attack bosses millionaires
too valuable to our society
Amazing how they are protected, our rich and our powerful
There's not to say it can help
to be the friend of the President
Dear comrades, dear voters,
dear citizens consumers
the alarm sounded at the time it is
To reset the counters

As what has to fight, There is always hope!
As what we must do in life, There's some fighting
As we fight is that we are standing
While we're standing there let go
The will to win in our blood
Now you know why we fight
our ideal is more than a dream
Another world is not the choice

The Band is HK & Les Saltimbanks. The song, On Lache Rien is on their 2011 recording, World Citizen. They've been together since 2006

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