Wednesday, October 30, 2013

He's Back...........

Oui, bien sûr, je suis de retour ici à La Sechere .... Je vais écrire plus tôt, mais depuis c'est la Nuit du Diable à Detroit, je présente à votre entertainemnt une performance live de Ace of Spades par le légendaire Lemmy Kilmeister avec son groupe Motorhead avec une collection de Ace of Spades cartes.
Do you know the history of Lemmy Kilmeister, the bass player vocalist composer of the group Motorhead? He practically invented punk/metal...but as a teen he was a roadie for Hendrix, then somehow he became a fictional character in the Pop Sci Fi of one of my favorite authors, Michael Moorcock...this was because he was a roadie and performer with the legendary British sci fi performance band, Hawkwind. Moorcock was connected as a writer and performer with Hawkwind.  Look at the bass technique of this dude! This has nothing to do with anything you  could ever learn in books (He was a very bad influence on me, when I realized I could play chords on the bass if I so desired)....Lemmy evolved in an alternative reality and still exists in his own alternative reality and his reality changed your little world.

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