Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Grand Old American Tradition

A few of the flags at the October Vet Protest March which was turned into a photo op by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin to protest the closing of the Veterans Memorial caused by their TeaBrained shutdown of the government. They tried to reap some kind of PR coup by using the manipulative tactic of the inherent racism of their base to deflect the reality of what they did. The planted themselves at the head of the protestors confronting the police to somehow take advantage of the blind anger over what they themselves created. Sarah, ever the publicity whore never turned down a photo op...the girls desperate for any press as a starving tiger shark in a tuna tank.  As Cruz dementedly stated, he was only doing god's work. That's the level of this debate. Please pay attention to the Confederate flags. Here's a video of the event...

So, Sarah and Ted had a Tea Party march on the White House to protest the GOP shutdown of the federal government (which Palin supported and the Tea Party orchestrated), several of the Palin Tea Partyers were carrying Confederate flags, while others yelled a racist slur at the White House cops, and a speaker at the event accused the President of being a Muslim. "Mr. Obama, put down your Koran and come out with your hands up" We're not racists...just keep repeating this mantra...HA HAHHHHH!

In the spirit of racist extremists storming Washington, I invite you to step into my Wayback Machine and experience the 1928 Ku Klux Klan march on Washington. Being naive and hateful and proud of it in spite of the illogic of going against your own best interests is truly a grand old American tradition.

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