Thursday, December 11, 2014

Full Of Crap

A very interesting piece in todays Guardian Observer only affirms and reinforces what most of us have always know since we learned of the origins of Al Qaeda and the American support of the Taliban in Afghanistan back in the days of the good old Soviet evil empire. We aided and abetted Al Qaeda and helped it to grow beyond the tunnel vision of our desire to thwart the Soviets.  In 2007, I published a post that proved that Dick Cheney was right to state that there was a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, but his chain of evidence was fatally flawed because in my piece, I established the fact that the connecting dots actually had George Bush Jr.s' failed Arbusto Energy Co. directly in the center. It's a messy trail, involving Enron, George Bush Sr. when he was head of the CIA. It may be a messy trail, but the mess they left behind firmly establishes the basis of the funding and support Al Qaeda received until the mid 1990's! Google the BCCI bank collapse for more interesting background info.

The Guardian article is an insiders account of the genesis of the ISIS Caliphate by one of it's senior commanders. He details how the concept was born in 2004 in the  Camp Bucca Prison complex in Iraq. One of the inmates of the American prison complex was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the emir of the ISIS Caliphate. You should read the entire piece, because it gives a fascinating insight into how we created the very fertile ground that ISIS sprang from.
I have believed that the enhanced interrogation techniques the Americans desperately employed after 9/11 were much more than the simple medieval waterboarding and sleep deprivation techniques the American government would reluctantly allude to. After the Abu Ghraib revelations, it was apparent that this was not an aberration. This was a descent into medieval madness. As demented as anything dreamed up in our Sadistic Nazi War Fantasies.This was the Inquisition gone amok.
It's no surprise that the sociopathic chief enabler of this demented policy, Dick Cheney is in full offensive/defensive mode trying to justify and deny the reality that his policies had no positive effect and proved that he is another demented sociopath, who learned nothing from history. He repeated the most horrific mistakes of the past and in the corse of events created a future for us all beyond his worst nightmares. But then again, psychologists say sociopathic psychos don't dream.
Hey Dick, the report is full of crap? Maybe we should just play your cranky whiny interview with the volume turned off and listen to the great Cleveland proto punk band, The Electric Eels instead!
And if that isn''t lame enough. 
"Look guys, I'm the Decider, and this time I'm deciding not to know this. Next."
That's right, the guy Americans elected twice even though they knew he wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he was smart enough to surround himself with a bunch of manipulative sociopathic psychos tried to worm his way out of this by stating that he was kept out of the loop of detailed info because he felt he was too dumb to keep secrets.
Bush's self-awareness of his own idiocy was revealed in May 2004, during a presentation about the CIA's torture program. Via Mother Jones (a full summary of the presentation is available onpage 98 of the report):

I dunno, Dick said he did and George said he didn't. Who cares? They both full of crap!

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