Friday, December 05, 2014

It's that time of the year and I'm starting to get that very special tingley Leutonian feeling again!
Maybe I should ask my doctor to increase the dosage.


Ol'Buzzard said...

What can I say?
the Ol'Buzzard

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet looking tree, but where is the ignignotic bell? That can't be ethnic.

I always look forward to checking out your local pics of holiday decorations. Perhaps Chuckie in some sort of donkey planter will help. That's a tough act to follow, but don't let us revelers down. No pressure,,,


microdot said...

Uhhh, Mr. Politeness, would that be ignignoktic? And how can I find the aforementioned bell if I should like to , uhhh, ring it?