Monday, January 24, 2011

Powers And Abilities Beyond Those Of Mere Mortal Men

After a lifetime of learning how the Government of the United States supposedly functioned, I actually didn't know that "the Supreme Court is 'the only judicial body in the country that is not governed by a set of judicial ethical rules. It appears that they could use one. Or at least some *cough* conservative *cough* justices could. I mean it's difficult to see how this could possibly be an inadvertent omission by Clarence Thomas. Seriously, did he forget Ginni was his wife? 

Virginia Thomas earned over $680,000 from conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation over five years, a group says. But Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas did not include it on financial disclosure forms.
We're talking five years in a row here and we can add the last reporting period when he also reported her income as none. Seems hard to believe she spent so much time organizing and leading the Tea Party group Liberty Central for free. 

By law, Thomas is supposed to disclose sources of spousal income, but I won't be holding my breath waiting for him to suffer some penalty for it. I suppose he'll be forced to amend his reports though and maybe we'll get to find out how much Liberty Central paid for a direct pipeline to SCOTUS. So there's that..and of course, being a Conservative Republican, he will always be judged by a different standard than the rest of us miserable mortals.


-Sepp said...

And how many Democrats were rushing to pay back taxes while Obama was selecting cabinet members?
Tom Daschle - $128,000
Tim Geithner - $35,000
Al Franken - $70,000
Nancy Killefer - $1,000
Hilda Solis’s - $6,400
Charlie Rangel - $10,000

Or, have you so easily / selectively forgotten that?
As a matter of record, I don't even recall you making mention of it when it was the Democrats.

"So there's that..and of course, being a Conservative Republican, he will always be judged by a different standard than the rest of us miserable mortals."

What standard are you using?

microdot said...

In other words, it doesn't matter. I should stop talking about it because I didn't choose to write about other polititians tax problems?
Sounds it's a case for the Intimidator!
I'm writing about it because your butt wipes at FOX never will.

microdot said...

I'm going to bed now and I hope you don't make another ugly mess here tonight for me to clean up in the morning....

-Sepp said...

No MD, it DOES matter.
However, if you're not going to hold one side to the same standard, why even call the kettle black?

Also, did Thomas' wife file seperate? On my 1040a, it didn't ask me about 1 dime my wife earned.

The "investigative" reporter from the LA Times didn't mention Thomas' filing status.

So had I filed seperate from my wife, it could also be said that I didn't report her income either...which would be a "fact" if you're only looking at MY return but, deceptive since her income would be reported on her own return.

microdot said...

I cannot imagine what bones you think are being thrown your way in your brainless obsession in defending the Conservative juggernaut that is slitting your throat, destroying the future of your children's lives and crippling America socially, culturally and educationally.
Perhaps you think you are being a good little doggie...

Arf, Arf, he goes, a merry sight
Our little hairy friend
Arf, Arf, upon the lampost bright
Arfing round the bend.
Nice dog! Goo boy,
Waggie tail and beg,
Clever Nigel, jump for joy
Because we are putting you to sleep at three of the clock, Nigel

That was John Lennon's Poem, Good Dog Nigel from his first book, In His Own Write, which I memorized when I was 14...Of course, he was a communist too who was conveniently destroyed before he could affect any more minds.

Look Sepp, I don't want to know what goes on in your Bizarro World, in the dank and dusty abandoned Museum of Ontological Taxidermy that seems to be the state of your brain....You have obviously have beaten a number of concepts and ideas into a bloody pulp and then preserved and mounted them into what you consider humorous poses in a few tacky display cases, many years ago and that is how the exhibit stayed...I'm not a paying customer, I can't wait until the department of health declares it a noxious nusiance and has it sprayed.

Again, g'night....

squatlo said...

Didn't Charlie Rangel have to stand in the well of the House and listen to a lecture about ethics violations because he didn't pay his taxes on a condo? Why don't we bring Clarence to the floor of the Congress tonight during the SOTU address and give him a dressing down in front of America?

How'd you get this troll on your site, Microdot? You seem like a good guy... not a shit magnet.

Like I say, if ignorance was truly bliss, some folks would be a lot happier.

Sepp is right about one thing; we have to call our own out when they fuck up if we're going to call out theirs. But the selective memory thing on the right is FAR worse than any lapse from the left will ever be.
Issa calls the Obama Administration one of America's most corrupt? Where was his outrage during the Bush/Cheney Reign of Error? Did he raise hell when Reagan's Merchants of Evil were raping America?
Gotta go...

Sorry you have to mop up after a post, MD, it must be a bitch.

-Sepp said...

I didn't defend anyone microdot. For the SAME question back at you, why is it only "bad" when a non-democrat does it as opposed to be wrong when ANYONE does else it?

You took a half-assed accusation piece and simply ran with it because it was Clarence Thomas without even a hint of questioning the facts or, motive in the "story".

Well??? Did they file seperate returns or not? Your ENTIRE complaint hinges on that fact!
A fact in which you obviously never thought to question.

As for the juggernaught wrecking the country,
I see you've managed to omit the Democrats insane spending as part of the if making America an insolvent nation wouldn't be a problem at all!

Educationally crippled? The LEFT has been screwing up the education system here for 45 years with their social engineering and, bullshit "self-esteem" programs they've replaced the learning process don't even try going there!
I have kids in school right now and have seen what the lefties call an "education" now! I also have 2 kids in college who's profs spend more time on MY dime pontificating leftist bullshit as opposed to sticking to subject...and you wonder why kids have no jobs or, analytical skills???
My other 3 kids are 3rd grade through 10th grade and the subject matter has been so dumbed down it's the UNION teachers aren't overworked in their 15 kid classrooms!
Ditto sheets and multiple choice spelling tests...liberal self esteem hard at work making everyone artificially "equal".

Socially? Explain that statement!

Seems to me that lefty political correctness has done more to destroy America socially than anything else ever has!
Leftists have made even honesty a taboo subject in this country!
We used to have a 1st amendment to protect us...good old liberalism hard at work destroyed it...truth and honesty might offend or, hurt feeeelings! None of that anymore!

Cultural? Once again, you'd better look at exactly WHO has been calling to change the culture in America for 40+ years before opening your mouth.
It's been YOU.
And like the typical liberal, it's always someone else's fault!

Conservatives! From one side of your mouth you bitch that they want to keep everything the same...from the other side of your mouth you're blaming them for the very change you've pushed for 40 years!

So which is it? You can't blame them for both!

-Sepp said...

Hey Squatlo, a troll I'm not. But, if you're going to set a standard for everyone to be held to, why give free passes?

I don't. Not for the left OR, the right.
Unlike most of your lefty friends, I DO call out the bullshit regardless of which side it comes from.
Microdot is just pissed because I called him out.

And, you call me a troll because I'm not simply rubber stamping agreement.
I can either dispute you with facts or, suck it up and agree with something I don't want to hear...but, I won't simply denigrate you personally when the facts aren't to my liking.

Can YOU say the same?

microdot said...

Squatio, basically, Sepp has the hots for me, it all began years ago in a biker bar in Toledo and I was sitting dressed in my very hot cut off levi shorts with the matching jacket sultrily sipping my usual peyote/lime daquiri. I dangled my finger with the swastika skull ring in what I suppose was a suggestive gesture and suddenly, there was this guy. I didn't mean to lead him on, but his promise of a jeweled spiked fake patent leather doggie collar with my name custom engraved, trips to Akron and oh my gahhhd, he bought me another daquiri, it sort of turned my pretty head.
We had a whirlwind affair, and then on a whim, I dumped him. I won't go into the sordid details, it was a petty thing, he liked liederkranz, I liked brie...
I was all like uh, Calvin Klein and he was well, Old Spice...
I knew it would never work, but some people just can't let go. I can......

microdot said...

not to leave a dead horse unbeaten, I had to go back and check out my favorite man dumplings claims regarding tax fraud by his dark nemesis, the democrats,
It would appear that almost every case is a dead issue...a list of perps that he parroted from conservative blogs with out checking the current reality...
just an example, Frankens tax issues were settled in 2008, yet he parades them as a current fact to discredit any criticism of his golden calves...
Seppster, maybe if you change your after shave, I might reconsider my hasty decision, but then goes way deeper than a mere cosmetic whim.

mud_rake said...

It is amazing to me that Sepp does not understand how stupid he sounds when spewing his right-wing talking points. Sorry to use that word, Sepp, but I have little choice.

Take these statements in which you merely insert your own personal data into the blanks:

I also have 2 kids in college who's profs spend more time on MY dime pontificating leftist bullshit as opposed to sticking to subject...and you wonder why kids have no jobs or, analytical skills???

When did you last sit in a college classroom, Sepp? I've sat in many of them and except for an occasional Political Science class devoted to debate, the professors stick to their syllabus. Why in the hell would a math, science or engineering professor 'pontificate leftist bullshit?'

You know exactly where that 'idea' came from and you grabbed it and 'personalized' it. I'm beginning to believe that you have become seriously delusional. There is no kinder word to choose for what you are displaying in your comments. Take this one:

My other 3 kids are 3rd grade through 10th grade and the subject matter has been so dumbed down it's the UNION teachers aren't overworked in their 15 kid classrooms!
Ditto sheets and multiple choice spelling tests...

Multiple choice spelling tests?? Fifteen kids in a classroom??

We all know that you, Sepp, and your right-wing bretheren despise UNIONS, but to accuse public school teachers of these outright lies is nothing more than a delusion on your part. You WANT to think that because your friends think that and so do your AM radio talking heads.

My wife and I tutor in our neighborhood Toledo Public School on Wednesdays from 10 AM until 1 PM. We help first, third and fifth grade students. Each classroom has 20 - 25 students. The kindergarten classes have 25!

There are no multiple-choice spelling tests! The word is pronounced by the teacher and used in a sentence, then repronounced. The student then spells it on his/her paper.

Stop posting such idiiotic nonsense! You are truly scaring me as you slip farther and farther from reality.