Thursday, September 06, 2007


Don't give up Senator Craig! If you think you got half a hair on a rats ass of a chance,
fight! Show those hypocrites thay can't make you give up your power!
We're behind you all the way, or something like that!
C'mon gang! Everyone, everywhere has to tell Senator Craig
that he has to stay and fight.
Don't believe the nay sayers who say you are delusional!
Senator Craig, tell'em Microdot wants you to fight,
fight, fight! Drag this debacle out as long as you can!
And if you happen to screw your parties chances in the next election even worse than
they're screwed already, well, fuck'em!


Anonymous said...

I must applaud you on your choice of pictures for this post. McConnells face just says it all.

Honking some strange in public shithouses for strong family values in 08' may not cut it.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing these parasites go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Microdot,

Twas me (but you knew that).


steve said...

It looks like he's doing a bruce lee impression and is about to commence karate chopping. Heeee Yah!!!