Monday, September 10, 2007

A Kind Of Pornography

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York. It will be a day filled with words and emotion as politicians try to get what ever mileage they can from this terrible tragedy.

The men who perpetrated this act, the planners knew what they were doing, it wasn't the physical damage, the tragic death of 3000 innocent victims, it was the trauma, the tragedy of the events sent in motion by this act that is the the continuing cataclysm.
They empowered the destruction of American Freedom or, How the Bush/Cheney administration was allowed to turn the America Dream into a nightmare.

At this point, I lose my attempt at eloquence, my brain goes into rewind as I relive my panicked bicycle ride through a traffic jam up Church Street as the wall of debris and dust is chasing my back as the first Trade Center tower collapses. The indescribable smell of the destruction and the dust that coated everything for days. Scraps of paper that drifted out of the sky for the next day or so. The insane realization that what I saw really happened and I have to show picture ID to get into my neighborhood for the next week.

The anger as I realize that a man who stole the 2000 election and was on his way to a one term presidency was grabbing the coat tails of this disaster and dragging us all down into his medieval vision of the future. The disgust as I read the bare bones of the Patriot Act and realize that these guys were waiting to spring this on us, they just needed the right disaster of a proper magnitude to do it.

The revulsion I feel as these bastards twist Americas agony to accomplish what ever adventure they fantasize. The image of the planes smashing into the Towers replayed over and over and over again until it becomes a kind of pornography.

Yeah, I feel cheapened and used. America will never be the same. A nation of self centered trauma victims, unable to let go of the pain, howling for revenge led by psychotic madmen who will never let us heal.


mud_rake said...

Thank you, microdot, for this heart-felt story which you suffered through and through which we Americans suffer each day.

Pornography is a most excellent metaphor.


engineer of knowledge said...

Very well stated!!
I have been very busy here of late but I always find time to read your postings. Keep up the good work my friend. I should also add that we need to educate ourselves on John O’Neal. The person who was the head of the FBI’s Counter Terrorist Division. He resigned the FBI because the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld refused to take heed to his warnings that the Trade Towers were going to be attacked. Reference the Phoenix Report. He resigned his position with the government and went to work for the Trade Towers heading up their security. He was killed when the buildings came down. They were warned ahead of time it was going to happen.

Barb said...

No, they didn't KNOW --there are always rumors --and some of them are true, but who can tell --until disaster strikes?

Revenge? The concern is not revenge; it's security for the future --and stopping an international bully called Al Quaeda.

microdot said...

Somehow, I feel Mizz Thang has totally injected her own meaning into what I had written here.

Stopping an international bully like Al Qaeda by creating a terrorist breeding ground through the total destruction of Iraq and the death of over a million Iraqis?

Stopping Al Qaeda by turning millions of Iraq into refugees, traumatizing an entire generation of children, at least those unlucky enough to survive this nightmare?

I'll let other readers comment on her post.

Again, if Mizz Thang ever had an original thought or idea, I would simply plotz!