Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Unthinkable, Now!

I read a very curious piece by Larry Johnson in a blog on National Security called
No Quarter. In it, Mr. Johnson raises some very interesting questions about the alarming story that appeared yesterday about the cross country flight of nuclear armed missles in a B-52.
The flight was from Minot, North Dakota to Barksdale, Louisiana. In his article, Mr. Johnson raises the question as to how the story made it off the base in the first place.
The flight of a B-52 across country from one base to another is like a a postman walking out of a post office. What is remarkable about that? How would someone watching the the plane be able to identify the cruise missles being shipped as nukes?
His supposition is that someone on the inside wanted to leak the information.
Why? Because, Barksdale, Louisiana is a jumping off place for Middle East Operations. Are we thinking of using nuclear cruise missles in Iraq?
That is preposterous, the only other supposition is that they are being prepositioned for a strike on Iran. The only time nuclear weapons are moved in a plane is when we are on alert or they are positioning weapons in a specific site.
So what is going on here? Is someone trying to alert America to the reality that
the Administration is actually planning to use nuclear cruise missles in a strike against Iran? This is a real, tough question that has to be asked now and if it is true,
the implications are almost unthinkable.

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mud_rake said...

and if it is true,
the implications are almost unthinkable.

To you and me, perhaps, but not to a caged, deranged and failed president who loved to torture frogs in his pond as a youngster. Not to mention the loss of cerebral brain cells due to years of alcohol abuse.