Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Extreme Prisoner Makeover

So your honor, like my client is a racially challenged individual and like, his ethnicity might present an obstacle of him getting a fair trial here in Florida. I would like the court to rule that he be allowed to appear in court with a bag over his head.
 So why is it fair that  John Allen Ditullio Jr., an avowed neo-Nazi scumbag whose face and neck are covered with tattoos -- including a swastika -- be allowed to appear at  his racially/homophobic motivated murder trial this week minus the lurid markings thanks to a $125-a-day taxpayer-funded make-over?
I mean, your honor, my client didn't choose his race, which would seem to seriously impede his ability to get a fair trial and, I mean, Mr. Ditullio wanted to have a swastika tattooed on his face.
It's only reasonable and fair, isn't it?

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sr said...

Following that logic, every person of color brought to trial should be entitled to a cosmetologist who will make them appear white to insure that a verdict would not be prejudiced by prejudice.