Friday, December 10, 2010

London Burning

In what has been called an act of cultural sabotage, the Brits have tripled school fees, to the outrage of those whose prospects of receiving higher education become ever more distant. Upon finding Prince Charles painting the town red, protesters painted his car a different color.  Check out this message on twitter  suggesting the opening of "imaginary gold mines" as an alternative investment in the nation's future.
The rates are jumping from approximately 4,000 Pounds a year to over 12,000, pushing the availability of higher education out of the reach of the majority of the population. Another shortsighted, historically wrong assault in the international, multicultural Elite's Class War Against The Poor. 
This is a one sided class war. It's all about immediate profit and shortchanging the future. Never a good policy...But when have the Elite acted in any other way but their own immediate self interests?


mud_rake said...

Ah, yes, the London riots in the streets. At least it seems that the British show their anger much more forcefully than the Americans. We just bitch on-line or over the TV and radio waves- much easier and less controvercial than our European ancestors.

microdot said...

I think America is preparing itself for this eventuality.
Something is going to happen somewhere, it's inevitable, don't you think?