Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Behoodlement of America...part #2

Todd Akin, the self proclaimed expert on Feminine Reproductive Science, further expounds on what he considers science and the intellectual process that he utilizes to simulate he would like us all to believe is "logic", or something like that, in regard to Evolution versus Creationism. Todd is a master of behoodlement and I do believe the  good ole' boy has truly behoodlerized his own self.....

AKIN: I don’t see it as even a matter of science because I don’t know that you can prove one or the other. That’s one of those things. We can talk about theology and all of those other things but I’m basically concerned about, you’ve got a choice between Claire McCaskill and myself. My job is to make the thing there. If we want to do theoretical stuff, we can do that, but I think I better stay on topic.

Actually, Todd, evolution does indeed qualify as science. In fact, it’s a perfect example. “Creationism” does not qualify as science and should never be taught as such. It’s an example only of blindered faith. You were wise to steer the discussion away from that. The more you say about science, the dumber and more ignorant you reveal yourself to be.

knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method.

Scientific Method (concise version):
principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

Scientific method (verbose version):
Mathematical and experimental techniques employed in the natural sciences. Many empirical sciences, especially the social sciences, use mathematical tools borrowed from probability theory and statistics, together with such outgrowths of these as decision theory, game theory, utility theory, and operations research. Philosophers of science have addressed general methodological problems, such as the nature of scientific explanation and the justification of induction.

Hypothesis: Todd Akin is totally clueless about science.
Evidence to test the hypothesis: written statements plus video and audio recordings of Akins’s own comments re science.
Analysis of evidence: analysis – conforming to “best practice” criteria – is ongoing, since evidence continues to emerge.
Conclusion: Again, premature to draw a conclusion. Nevertheless, you should know, Congressman, that data are trending toward confirmation of the hypothesis with a very high degree of statistical confidence.
Recommendation for further research: Please, please, Congressman! Keep talking!! Based on that talk future research will expand beyond just science to help build a full picture of the total cluelessness of the creature known as “Todd Akin.”

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Wayne Johnson said...

Hello Microdot,
Where I am working here in Columbus, OH. there is a draftsman at work who has not lived anywhere long enough to claim any area as home. He is also a hard right wing conservative who reads the “Drudge Report” and the “American Thinker” (which there is no thinking on that site at all) on a daily bases and believes the crap written as verbatim. Yes he truly thinks he is well informed.

You know the type, there is no global warming, we all had better vote for Romney if we are going to save the nation, and (this is my favorite) “there is no evolution because if man evolved from monkeys then why do we still have monkeys?” as proof of disclaiming evolution.

The person I sit next to in the adjoining cubical has his Doctorate in Electrical Engineering. He confides in me that he cannot believe that there were people like that in an educated environment with which we work in. My only reply is, “Yea it is quite sad but you also have to take into consideration that his education is that of a technical school in drafting and not a true science education degree.”

As it has been a while since I posted anything new, I thought that I would pass on that I have just completed a piece called, “How the GOP Destroyed Its Moderates.” It goes on to explain the tact’s of the extreme aspects of the current Republican Party and the purging of any Moderates.

The posting contains this plus the warning to any “Moderates of the Political Spectrum” not to be swayed here of late to vote based on the calmed down rhetoric from the Republican Party Candidates. Should these candidates win their offices; the Middle Working Classes will in the end ultimately be harmed and degraded in their standard of living.

I am inviting you and others to please stop by.