Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Class Warfare In America

A stark visual aid to illustrate the co relation of the prison population, the so called "war on drugs" and then the way it fuels the profits of the corporations that run the prison system in America. The first modern privatized prison was in Hamilton County, Tennessee in just 1984. The graph indicated the beginning of the sharp upwards spike as judges became more and more owned by the corporations and became all too eager to feed the human fodder that provides the profits that pays the kickbacks they get.
As of December 2000, there were 153 private correctional facilities (prisons, jails and detention centers) operating in the United States with a capacity of over 119,000.
The trend toward privately operated correctional facilities has continued with 85,604 adults (3.7% of the total US prison population) now housed in 107 privately operated prisons.  Companies operating such facilities include the Corrections Corporation of America, the GEO Group, Inc. (formerly known as Wackenhut Securities), and Community Education Centers.
Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has a capacity of more than 80,000 beds in 65 correctional facilities. The GEO Group operates 61 facilities with a capacity of 49,000 offender beds. The company owns or runs more than 100 properties that operate more than 73,000 beds in sites across the world.
Most privately run facilities are located in the southern and western portions of the United States and include both state and federal offenders.

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