Monday, May 20, 2013

The Fat Ass Hattery Flat Tax Proposal

Who Will Win The Golden Turd 2013 Award?

Kenneth Starr wasted well over 70 Million Dollars of your tax dollars on his unsuccessful witch hunt attempt to bring down a successful Democrat President. His actions shut down the government and empowered his party to do what they do best, obstructionism for the sake of sheer power and greed. 
The amount of money the Republicans have wasted over their attempts to re energize their "base" over the repeal of "ObamaCare" is now well over 50 Million Dollars and rising fast. How much money has been wasted on the now discredited attempt to destroy the Obama Administration and derail the political future of Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi Embassy Attack? I am trying to find out a real figure for that one, but given the cost of inflation and the fees that John McCain is collecting for his Sunday morning Television appearances alone, we've blown the past figures out of the water, easy.
Oh yeah right, it's mediamatters video of CBS News Taking points, so maybe Jennifer Rubin
is gonna demand that I just pul the plug on the truth, which of course contradicts her Fox News
Paycheck financed version of how she peddles her FLAT ASS! Time to pay up, if you gonna play, babe!

Soundtrack to this trauma provided by Sir Vivian Stanshall, my current hero.
 It doesn't stop there of coure, the cost to you, the taxpayer over the sequestration BS, the cost to you because the Teabrains want to bring down the government because they attracted the focus of the matter that any number of Socialist Librul groups had the same scrutiny....they want their tea stained buttocks licked. I think I'm gonna fall off my little stool here, so I'd better stop ranting......
Obviously, the Republican strategy is "If you can't govern, then just obstruct." But who pays for this? We do! Look, my proposal is simple: If you wanna be an asshole, then you gotta pay to play.....
I'd say this would be a much more fiscally responsible move than any number of socially repressive libertarian policies to take aid from education, health care and destroy the Social Security System and Medicare and the physical infrastructure of America to enrich a bunch of already rich Conservative Assholes at the expense of our national welfare and security. But, I guess that makes too much sense....
The Fat Ass Hattery Flat Tax....You gotta pay to play......Am I right? Huh?

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