Saturday, May 25, 2013


It's a plot for a sci fi thriller, but only, tragically for all of us, it's all too real. The faceless behemoth, Monsanto is trying to control the worlds food resources and eke every last micro decimal point of profit by trying to own the very genetic material in every morsel of food you consume. They destroy farms, bankrupt farmers, actually destroy seed banks of varieties of plants they cannot control. The latest Supreme Court Ruling on Monday May, 13th 2013 demonstrated that that our outdated constitutional operating system has been hacked by these corporate criminals. The Supreme Court ruled that a farmer does not have the right to use seeds contaminated with Monsanto patented genetic material  with out paying Monsanto royalties, no matter how the genetic material appeared in the seeds. In other words, if you are a farmer and you save seeds from year to year and the seeds you save came from your own crops which were cross pollinated with Monsanto crops, producing seeds that contained genetic material identified as the Monsanto genetic material, you have to pay Monsanto or have the seeds destroyed. For the record, I would like to point out my take on the legal aspects of this ruling and rant:

The intentions of the patent laws was not to create endless monopolies and nor was it to protect inventors stupid enough to invent and sell self replicating products.
This is also completely anti-innovation. Where is the incentive for Monsanto to invest in new, better products when they've been handed control over most the worlds agriculture? If their seeds were soon out of demand, they'd be forced to innovate to stay relevant after the initial profits. The seeds could be priced in their first year to reflect the development costs and a reasonable profit, and the cycle started over and again. 

This just proves one thing I've thought for a long time. The last thing "capitalists" want is a free market. In spite of their ceaseless lobbying, the danger presented by the utter greed of Monsanto has been recognized here in Europe and many European countries, including France, Germany, Hungary and Poland have out lawed Monsanto GMOs. Their astro turfing defenders argue that they are creating reliable crops for the future of the planet, but you only have to look at the track record of ecological disasters in progress all over the planet to see the havoc this monster is wreaking.
Here is one of the latest corporate crimes Monsanto has committed in the USA with the assistance of the State of Illinois Agricultural Department: An Apple River Illinois internationally renown naturalist and bee keeper, Terrence Ingram has been doing research for many years on the effects of the Monsanto
herbicide, RoundUp on bee populations. He's been writing about and raising bees for 58 years. Terrence Ingram. Though not big in a physical sense, when it comes to saving the American Bald Eagle, there is hardly anyone in the United States held in higher regard than Ingram. His years of documented research and expertise regarding eagles and the work of the Eagle Nature Foundation, founded by Ingram, is in great part responsible for the bald eagle being removed from the “Threatened Species List “ in the United States
On a "tip' from Monsanto, agents of the Illinois Department of Agriculture illegally raided his apiary and seized his bees using a phony excuse. They destroyed the queens ruining 15 years of Ingrams research. He was never told about given information regarding his seized bees after the illegal warrantless seizure. He believes they were turned over to Monsanto.
I truly believe that Monsanto has to be destroyed, like a sci fi monster attacking our planet if we are going to have a future. All the faceless corporatasaurus that is Monsanto is interested in is profit. The corporation has survived by mutating itself as it wreaks one ecological and human health catastrophe after another. Plastis and Asbestos wewre their game before they discovered the scam of patenting life forms and lobbying the world's governments to help promote their pesticides to control the worlds food supply.
Please join and participate in the World Wide Protest Against Monsanto today. Learn more from their facebook page or participate on line, here. For the future of humans on Earth,

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