Thursday, December 05, 2013

"If you want to know a man, do not listen to what he says; listen to what he does not say." Khalil Gibran

Dick Cheney does not say, "Thank you." Dick Cheney does not say to the families of men and women who did not come home, "I'm sorry your son, husband, brother died in an unnecessary war that I convinced a President was necessary." Dick Cheney does not say to men and women who did come home, "I'm sorry you've lost your legs, an arm, your sight, the mind that was taken from you by those Weapons of Mass Destruction that we never found but knew one day would show up." Dick Cheney has not said to the American people, "I'm sorry you lost everything you worked for. President Bush and I knew the economy was crashing in 2007, but in all of the hubbub of packing and covering up our mistakes, we forgot to tell you ."
Everything Dick Cheney is was revealed the moment he classified Nelson Mandela a "terrorist." A man who spent 27 years in prison for having the courage to fight the injustices of European industrialists who invaded his country and treated its people as intruders exhibited the character, decency, and grace a Dick Cheney could never understand. His indifference to Apartheid in South Africa and its effect on the people who suffered under its cruel punishment is the foundation that we now see in the growing American Aparhteid that is destroying everything we are. Divide and conquer works. Create an environment of hate and suspicion and the tools are in place. The party Mr. Cheney represents has named the enemy - the wrong skin color; the wrong spoken language; the lazy, worthless poor, born in our country, are all being systematically denied their rightful place in society.
Dick Cheney has the good fortune of position and wealth that gave him the opportunity to replace his failing heart with one from someone who would have made a difference. In an article published in Salon on November 14, 2013, Mr. Cheney invited us into his private world where indifference to ordinary people thrives uninterrupted. When asked if he knew whose heart is now beating his body, he replied that he hasn't given much thought to who that person was or what he did. This is his new heart, not someone else's old heart. Need we hear more to know what Dick Cheney is?

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