Friday, December 27, 2013

O Little Town Of Zimmerman

There Is Danger In The Manger
The Claremont, California United Methodist Church has had controversial, politically provocative Nativity scenes in the past that have included Mexican immigrants, same sex couples and the homeless.
These have all been created since 2009 by Hollywood production designer, John Zachary. Zachary is a member of the church. In the past few years, his controversial nativity scenes have been vandalized because of their controversial content, but his work is generally well received and he tries to strike a chord of common compassion that resonates in the minds of the viewers. This year's display was unveiled on December 8th and will be up until January 5th and it features a tragically wounded dying Trayvon Martin
This year’s scene looks traditional at first glance. Joseph and Mary are in silhouette inside a wooden shelter against a backdrop that resembles stained glass.
Zachary said: “If you drive by, you think, oh, that’s nice. Then you think, what’s that black kid doing there? So you take a look. I thought this would be more controversial, but I come to find out people don’t really like people gettin’ shot,” Zachary said with a chuckle. “They may not agree what to do about it, but they agree it’s a bad thing.”

Here's a video of Zachary explaining it in his own words.

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