Sunday, September 07, 2014

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On His Head

Francois, Francois, Francois...I never really liked you, but I tried to find your good points, except you never did anything but let me down. Some politicians can get away with almost anything. Look at Sarkozy. When he lost the election to you after totally screwing up France and trying to turn it into a Right Wing Corrupt Banana Republic Dictatorship, every one said he was over. After Sarko paraded Carlita around for 5 years and everyone got sick of her...We didn't want to know about politicians private lives, but look over your shoulder. Who's that shadow pissing on your parade? He's back.
And it's your I said, some politicians can get away with almost anything but then again, it's a matter of style, I guess. Some politicians can't help from pissing on their own shoes in public. Thanks to you, the Socialists will lose the next presidential election. If we are lucky, Juppe will not be destroyed by the Sarko Boys and we have to choose between Marine LePen and who ever doesn't stink as badly. Hah, you empowered Marine and the Front National with your utter ineptness. Today, Marine is crowing that she would accept and invitation to become Prime Minister in your tawdry little government. Let's face it, after their last regional electoral victories, the Front National is quickly living up to it's reputation for ineptness, incompetence and petty corruption...nothing compared to the criminal conspirtacies that the UMP is dealing with (as far as the UMP is concerned, you have to admire the sheer audacity, and ambition of their corruption, these guys are the pros!)...but under the mismanagement of you, Francois, we have been subjected to a daily barrage of mini scandals and petty corruption that has snared  even your very popular Prime Minister, Manuel Valis, who just a few weeks ago was rated the most popular man in French politics in the muck of your ineptitude. Yes, it's nothing on the level of the role of money and influence in the corruption of the American political parties, but you promised to be above corruption and to be A President Normal. NORMAL? Ne trouve-toi c'e que c'est normal? That's how we ended up with Chirac back in the 90's! We ended up with Sarko because you sabotaged Segolene Royale's presidential campaign because of you soggy little ego. You left Segolene after having 3 kids with her for Valerie. You must have known that Valerie was totally nuts, but you let her spend hundreds of thousands of Euros redecorating her own office in the Elysee to keep her out of your hair. You let Valerie sabotage Segolenes last political campaign out of her sheer jealous spite. The irony is, now Segolene is defending you against Valerie. What a tawdry trail you are leaving behind you. A 14% approval rating at a time when we really don't need this shit as a distraction. You let Valerie totally use you, then started cheating on her. Now she's pissed and you don't piss off Valerie. How do you get out of this self created marsh of muck? You don''s a negative energy vortex...a law of political physics. Now we are stuck with Marine LePen and we are just going to have to put up with this shit until she destroys herself.

I dedicate this song to you, Francois Hollande:

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