Sunday, September 21, 2014

The World Against Monsanto!

I first saw this video on French television a few years ago. It was extremely instructive and the implications are horrific. Since then, the product, RoundUp has been identified as the reason for the cause of the deaths of thousands of Central American agricultural workers. It causes systemic kidney failure, but Monsanto does all it can to suppress any information about them and their products. Clarence Thomas was a lawyer for Monsanto and yet refused to recluse himself from Supreme Court cases including one where he was instrumental in overthrowing a decision from a lower court which Monsanto appealed. They believe and they know that they are bigger than any government. They believe they can make or break governments.
I am a great admirer and fan of the Spanish Musician, Manu Chao, who has become a very prominent activist in the fight against Monsanto! Here is a video of a very recent huge event in Argentina he helped organize and participated in.
Okay, watch the Monsanto piece if you's really well done and hopefully you might want to comment. I'll look forward to reading them when I get back, but now I really am leaving to go back to the 19th century...a bientot!

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bj said...

Well Thank YOU, Patrick! I've been a big fan of roundup(when did they remove bio-degradable from the label?) since I beat my first Weed Whacker to death against that big Oak tree in the front yard of the Court house! Many more would fall there, against that massive, uncaring trunk before I discovered that magical, bio-degradable elixer!
Over HERE .... I have nearly a thousand linear feet of chain link fence (and the grass/weeds that grow underneath and up into. I am my own gardener. Poor Folk, what can I tell ya'?) and an herbicide is a must for me since my wife won't EVER let me use HER weed whacker. I'll have to do something differently, though. I certainly don't want any of that Monsanto shit gettin' on my DOG!