Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello Kitty

Tell me I am a patient man. Please, I need some support here. A few months ago, we decided that we were going to repaint the first floor of our house. After weeks of discussion and research, I thought we had decided on a sort of aged rose color for the walls. I took my wife to the French version of Home Depot...really, it is identical to Home Depot in layout and design. Here, it is Brico Depot....
We got lots of color samples and tried to match the available colors to what I thought we had agreed upon. Every version of the color my wife liked was not what I thought we wanted. It was just too damn pink! I laughingly referred to her choices as "Hello Kitty" Pink and when I got really disgusted, it became Pepto a bit of a compromise....but when we got home and started painting, it was still just too damn pink for me. My wife liked it. So with the accents, it all kind of harmonized and months later, I am beginning to kind of like it. It's an almost violently daring color statement. t actually works for me, but it took months of acceptance on my part. 
So, on Monday, my wife had the first of her cataract surgeries. A lot of trauma. There were minor complications, but as of last night, her enhanced vision with her new lens implant really began to kick in. The first thing she noticed was how the blues on the TV screen looked! Today she raved over the lobelia flowers on the window sill. Hourly, her vision improved. She said she was seeing colors she had forgotten about. Then sitting at the table, the sun hit the wall full force. Her jaw dropped! "But, that's not the pink we wanted!" she said. But that's the pink we got. She had been seeing a totally different color....Now, it's her turn to have to get used to it, because I'll be damned if I'm going to repaint the house again anytime soon!


Ol'Buzzard said...

That sounds familiar: When we shop for colors for the house we discuss it and then my wife gets her way. Our house has cedar siding and was stained barn red. When I felt the stain needed a touch-up my wife decided she wanted to change colors to a beige - I explained that you can't actually change colors in stain and that it would require me to paint the house with undercoat and then paint the new color with probably three coats - the equivalent of painting the house four times.

Did you ever see 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou?' Well she counted to three; and four paint jobs later the house is beige.

I am just glad she didn't like Hello Kitty Pink.
the Ol'Buzzard

microdot said...

Oh Brother..still one of my favorite movies...I have it on video and will probably watch it again this winter.
When my wife gets an idea, she becomes obsessed...I painted a few sample boards with the Hello Kitty pink and told her to experiment. We are really clever with paint effects...most of the house is paint with different washes and scrubs. I had washed the oak beams when we repainted with a light grey and they really look nice. I don't think it's going to happen soon...she gets the next surgery a week from today. I got my new mail order glasses in the post today and I am so happy! 44 Euros with shipping and they look great and I see better than ever!

Anonymous said...

Hello Microdot,
I am logging in under my new blog site. It complements my co-hosting on the blog talk radio, "Here be Monsters, The Sunday Show."

I had to laugh as my wife, & daughters will attest to. I have always said that there are only two colors to paint house walls.....white and antique white. LOL :-)