Thursday, October 30, 2014

Miss Daisy

We never knew her real age. In fact most of her history was sort of sketchy to say the least. She claimed to be a princess in exile fleeing the revolution.  We called her Miss Daisy, but when she lapsed into her reminiscing, she kept referring to herself as Princess Tondelayo. What revolution? She was always vague on the details, but that never stopped her from criticizing and complaining about the competency of the servants. She told me I had potential and after the restoration, she might be able to find me a position as a scullery boy in the royal kitchens, but I would probably be beaten by the royal chef. Then there were those damn Virginia Slim Menthol Lites she chain smoked. No one could figure out where she got them. Now I'm stuck with an attic full of boxes of little paper umbrellas I picked up on Amazon for her Mai Tais...

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