Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Barbie And Ken Explain France For You

Another major FOX FAIL! But then again the mutants who have had their brains implanted with the alien Murdoch Bizarro Dimension dna, don't know, don't care and couldn't be bothered with with reality.  If the dimensional walls between the FOX BIZARRO WORLD and this world hadn't al ready been breached, Ken would be looking for a new job today. This was even more bizarre than the FOX claims about Birmingham ,England! Yann Barthes explains it all for you. It's in French, but I'm sure that what ever language you speak,  Barthes makes his point! Mr. T could say ti much simpler in English, "I PITY THE FOOL!"  There should be a study that compares heroin addiction to the paranoia fix FOX delivers to the mentally disabled every day. But, then again, these days, I tend to go with the dimensional warp between our universe and the FOX BIZARRO UNIVERSE!
Meanwhile, in the bizarro fox alternative reality, Sean Hannity ups the idiocy by inviting Nigel Farage, the leader of the extreme right UKIP Party in Britain to further hallucinate this alternative reality.
Really, there are no "NO GO ZONES" in French cities. This is a total nitro methane hate fueled racist right wing paranoid nightmare being used to manipulate the infected zombie fox brain dead viewers.

As a favor to me, please drop a line to Irena Briganti, Fox PR spokesperson and ask here whose flabby flaccid asshole she pulled these lies out of.


Jono said...

Faux Noise has gotten to the point of self-parody, but just hasn't realized it yet. I often wonder what color the sky is on their planet.

microdot said...

I am actually going to post a Sean Hannity segment as an update to this post along with a plea for anyone who reads this to send an email to FOX to verify their insane lies.

microdot said...

We see Fox as getting to self parody, but they still have many more viewers than CNN. Frankly, I cannot bear CNN...I would not use them as a news source or link to them. Their latest PR stunt of using News Drones is pathetic.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Fox never lets facts get in the way of a sensational story.
the Ol'Buzzard