Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Think My Appetite Is Coming Back...

After 3 days of the epic influenza....2 days spent in bed, one day against all common sense on horrific journey to Bordeaux to take my wife to see a specialist who is going to do a stem cell cornea transplant in her eye when a donor is available...Horrific? I had to get up at 6, my brilliant plan was to take the train and then a taxi to the university hospital so we could be there for the 11:15 appointment. We got off the train, only to be confronted by a massive taxi strike blocking the station and the mass transit! I somehow figured out how to find the bus that would take us to the hospital which was a massive complex, a maze of buildings with no indication of where we were to go. I have to thank all the very nice helpful people we met in Bordeaux who gave us instantly good direction. We got to the Opthalmology clinic on exactly on time, but we didn't get out until almost 5:30!
By that time, we had missed the return train I had counted on....and we got back to the station with only minutes to spare to catch the train to Perigueux that would connect with the last train to our little station, Condat le Lardin, where I had left the car. We didn't get home until 9:30 pm...Luckily, the dog didn't destroy the house. I didn't pull a Ratso Rizzo and die on the train. I thought that the entire experience would set my recovery back...but I woke up this morning feeling almost okay.  I actually have aching bruises on my ribs from coughing so much! 
Then my appetite began to come back and this video made my stomach rumble....

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Ol'Buzzard said...

I came down with an upper respiratory infection and weathered it until it was extreme; finally calling the doctor for an appointment. The doctor checked me out and told me that he didn't want to prescribe antibiotics because of the danger of building up an immunity and then the drug would not work for me if I got sick??? He told me to get an over the counter cough suppressant and call him back if I got worse. So much for a $150 office call.

I finally called him back and asked him if I develop pneumonia would he be willing to treat me? He prescribed antibiotics and the problem cured up in five days.

Hope you feel better
the Ol'Buzzare