Saturday, January 03, 2015

Fatwah From The Desk of Grand Ayahtollah Rupert

From the throne of The Grand Ayatollah Rupert Murdoch
Message to all my FOX Faithful!

Who the fuck does this bean eating wet back, wannabee pope, Franky think he is?
The Fucking Pope?
He's just an ex disco bar bouncer freak of some kind wearing white robes --  and has challenged our Republican leaders. He thinks he's flexing his muscles internationally and increasingly driving a wedge between conservatives and the Catholic Church, even as he rants on about climate change and income inequality.
Who does this wanker think he is? I mean, pissing off Republicans like that?
Real Popes are supposed be Republicans and do what I say! Am I right?
Now, here's a neat idea to boost those sagging ratings:
I think it's time to start a good old fashioned 


Ol'Buzzard said...

I read someplace that the Catholic church just commissioned sixty-four new exorcist priest. They still have a couple of centuries to go to catch up.
the Ol'Buzzard

microdot said...

As you might have gathered, I am militantly opposed to religion and have evolved and cultivated my atheism for more than half century. I could go into great detail about my ideas as to why religion evolved, the role it played in the evolution of collective consciousness of our intellectual development as a specie, but it's been time to move on for too long now.
Religion is now a destructive influence in so many ways and holds us back and is creating an evolutionary bottleneck so to speak. I left the catholic church forever in 1962...I ran far, I ran fast and never looked back. I applaud the influence of Francis, he seems to be a realist in the guise of a pope, but even more, I welcome the opportunity for a good old fashioned schism which will would seriously erode the structural unity of this medieval institution. It would be great fun.