Monday, February 25, 2008

Define Patriotism, Please.

This was a poll on CNN's website yesterday. It accompanied an article by
Nedra Pickler entitled, "Conservatives Say Obama Lacks Patriotism". The gist of the piece seems to center about displays of loyalty, such as the required official made in China American Flag lapel pin. By this standard, the conservative noise machine degrades concern and involvement with your country into a ritualized conspicuous show of outward signs of mass conformity.

Of course it was nothing but a smear piece, and Ms. Pickler even has the nerve to quote as her source, Republican "consultant", Roger Stone, the brilliant mind behind the Anti Hillary Clinton 527 organization, C.U.N.T., that's: Citizens United Not Timid (To Educate The American People About What Hillary really Is)

What is the most disgusting to me is the fact that CNN dared to run a poll that only spread a false assumption. What if they had ran a poll that asked, "Is John McCain Really Insane?" or "Is President Bush Still An Alcoholic?" This is a throwback to the days of McCarthy, when someones loyalty to their country could be questioned by smear and innuendo.

This is not about Barack Obama's Patriotism. What is Patriotism as defined by these critics? An unquestioning acceptance of what ever direction the leaders of your country decide to pursue whether you feel it is right or not? Keeping your mouth shut and not criticizing the power in charge? Blindly following the herd and displaying the the outward symbols of obedience, subservience and loyalty?
Sorry, sounds too much like being a good German to me!

America did not arise from blind obedience and it will not survive if it falls to it.

Here's a couple of portraits of great American Patriots proudly sporting their lapel flag pins and gosh, aren't they the kind of guys who's upstnding American ideals bring a tear to your eye!
Randy Duke Cunningham, gee Randy, I hope the pin doesn't get rusty while you are doing time.

Oh, here's a flashy photo of Bob Ney (R-OH), tanned and very patriotic in his blue suit with his official United States Patriot lapel pin. I hope he gets a chance to wear the blue suit again in public after he finishes his prison sentence for defrauding the United States Government.

Former Governor of Ohio is dressed to impress with his regulation flag lapel pin. He just pleaded guilty to multiple misdemenors. I hope the judge is swayed by his patriotic display when he is sentenced!

Finally, in our gallery of satorial proper patriotic displays, we have
Senator Larry Craig posing for his mug shot after he was set up by unpatriotic bathroom police in the Milwaulkee Airport. He looks doubley patriotic, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

No one should judge someone for the absence of a pin-- but his wife did get criticized for saying that she was finally proud of america -- for putting her husband, a black man, ahead of Hillary, was the implication.

Conservatives are leery of anyone who thinks America has been a totally corrupt nation to be ashamed of --for being in the middle-east, and for its history relative to the native and african American minorities, Japanese internment, etc.

Our forefathers didn't always do everything right --but the Christians led the way in abolition and they still lead the way in decrying societal evils.

mud_rake said...

they still lead the way in decrying societal evils.

...especially homosexuality

Anonymous said...

I agree, Mudrake. There are so many diseases that accompany the lifestyle, that it is in the best interests of the public to discourage this lifestyle and help young people identify as normal before they enter into such activities.

microdot said...

No more anonymouss posts here!

Anonymous said...

From Engineer of Knowledge

Hello Microdot and Mud Rake,
This person did not even recognize that you were being satirical with you comment.

“There are so many diseases that accompany the lifestyle, that it is in the best interests of the public to discourage this lifestyle and help young people identify as normal before they enter into such activities.”

Here we have another misleading statement propagating within the Radical Right of the Christian Conservative faith.

My mother, wife and all of her sisters are in the medical field. I would like to point out that there are many more documented cases of venereal diseases in the heterosexual community than in the homosexual community. Those that try to point out AIDs as the dreaded homosexual disease are overlooking that AIDs is devastating the whole heterosexual community of the African Continent.

Maybe if we just lay healing hands on these people like that good Christian Rev. Haggard who did drugs while enjoying his homosexual acts, collecting millions of tax free dollars in Christian donations, all the while crying out the Christian Doctrine that all homosexuals should be persecuted for their debauchery… and all can be cured of homosexualism. Praise Jesus.

microdot said...

engineer, as far as I can tell, anonymous was the same anonymous who accused me of being you among other things, that is why I am moderating comments!

Anonymous said...

From Engineer of Knowledge,

I understand you have to do what you are doing and keep up the good work my friend. You are still one of the best.