Sunday, February 03, 2008

Is It Democracy Yet?

What makes a healthy democracy? Why can't America's democratic system support a real multi party system? Is democracy real when only the the players with the access to the largest cash boxes are allowed to play?
Mr. Smith can't go to Washington anymore. He couldn't afford to buy the commercials required to even get noticed.
Sure, there are other political parties besides Republican and Democrat, but can you name them? How can other points of view ever be considered if they can't be heard?
If they don't have access to media, how can other opinions ever influence the public?

That's why American government is so stale. There is no room for real debate or controversy. Every opinion or stance is polled and tested. An original idea isn't approved product. We're spending big bucks here, no time to mess around!

I would love it if America had a multi party system like France. I would love it if politics was moderated by a set of rules that leveled the playing field. A real firm ruling that limited the money that could be spent.
An end to endless television ad soundbytes and an emphasis on real discussion and debate.

Here, the amount of time allowed to each candidate for media coverage is strictly regulated and counted once the campaign starts. That includes appearances on any type of television show. Public advertising is strictly controlled and only allowed in specific places and no poster can be bigger than another.

It sickens me to see the amounts of money wasted in American politics. I saw a number like 3 billion dollars that will be spent by the candidates on this campaign.

The electoral delegate system seems to be another arcane device conducted behind curtains. It undermines confidence in the value of a citizens vote. It also, because of the closed door aspect of it, is another factor in the impossiblity of a true multi-party system in America.

The primary system has turned into a media sports event with more of the issues driven by the need to sensationalize and draw viewers than an attempt to present realistic political reporting and discussion.

This ain't politics, this is pure showbiz!


mud_rake said...

Not only all of that, but I was held captive waiting for my car repairs and forced to wathc FoxNews ffor 2 hours this morning.

They truly are the voice of the GOP!

Is there a quick antidote I can take because my whole body is tilting to the right.

Village Green said...

Perhaps Americans are still too caught up in spectator sports in which one team goes up against another. It leads to the either/or mentality, and negates any idea of collaboration. Winner take all! May the best man (!) win...