Monday, February 25, 2008


Every 4 years he rises from his crypt, hungry...Every 4 years he appears to suck the blood out of the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign, then sated he sinks back into oblivion.

Seriously, the man handed us George Bush in 2000 and helped again in 2004.
He used to stand for something and battled against the power of the big corporations.
When was the last time you heard anything from him about consumer advocacy?
He seems to be resting on his laurels and feeding his ego by making himself the nagging virus of presidential campaigns!

At least Ron Paul and Dennis Kuchinich went through the motions of doing things to present their ideas top the American people and participated in an admittedly flawed process, but they did it and then withdrew. This guy has done nothing. If he was so concerned with the problems in the political world, where has he been when he isn't busy trying to be president? When does his advocacy start to look like lunacy?

Ralph Nader doesn't deserve to be in a debate with Obama, Clinton or McCain.
He doesn't need your votes, the man needs intervention!

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