Thursday, July 26, 2007


I have not posted afor a few days and feel a little guilty as there is so much to write about.
Excuse? Well, it's summer, visitors. Our niece came for a week long visit and we went out a lot and had a big barbecue here! Actually, I want to digest the things I learned from the niece, she is the Senior Policy Director for Mayor Bloombergs Greening of New York City Project. It's an incredible bold initiative that will make New York City the most ecologically progressive major metropolis on the planet by 2030. They are working with technology that already exists and there are a lot of creative ideas already being put into action. Experts from all disciplines are involved.
I will write more on this.

Earlier, I wrote on the immenent release of the Bulgarian Health Care Workers and earlier this week, it happened. After 8 years of unspeakable fear and raised and lowered hopes, they are on Bulgarian soil and officially pardoned by the President of Bulgaria.
They were shown landing in the official French Presidential Jet in a deal that was painfully hammered out and finalized by many people. President Sarkozy of France tried to highjack the Public Relations aspect of it and as far as the French press is concerned, he did.
The only thing I saw in the rest of the world press was surprisingly enough, a line in an article in the New York Times attributing the release to the special relationship that Cecilia Sarkozy had instantly developed with Khadafy.
It seems though, the rest of the world isn't buying it and the credit is going to the the tireless supporters who never let this issue disappear from the public eye.
Khadafy got his 450 million dollar ransom, though I would think that most of it was accounting magic. A lot of Libya's debt will be forgiven.
France on the other hand was doing a lot more than getting hostages released. Now that Libya is allowed to become a part of the civilized world and relationships are normalized, Sarkozy was representing the big French Corporations and negotiated a deal for a new major French built Autoroute and surprise! France is going to build a nuclear plant for Libya. It's a "safe, nice" nuclear plant to be used only for the desalinization of water...................
Is it me, or is there some kind of hypocrisy on the part of the western world going on here?
I am truly over joyed with the release of the health workers and want to congratulate everyone involved with this feat!


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It is good to have you back. I have missed your postings.