Monday, July 16, 2007

This Just In!

Between storms, that moment when the last blast of the sun
blazes between the cloud layer and the horizon.
Double Rainbow
Double Joy
Double Happiness!


Man with the Muck-rake said...

What a swell photo and a voice from Nature saying, "There is still hope."

steve said...

How can I keep sparrows off of Corn Tassels. When do the tassels polenate the silks? Right as the silks emerge or later when the husk develops. (this is my first attempt a growing sweetcorn)

microdot said...

Steve, your corn is farther along than has been a bizarre weather year here this year, the worst garden I have ever had. Everything is late and what can go wrong, goes wrong.
My corn is growing though, I have never had a problenm with birds and the corn tassles. I guess the little beggars eat everything if you let them, butr I don't really think that's a problem. You will see the pollen on the tassles...
Nature takes care of the rest...
I have always had good luck with sweet corn, I still have frozen cobs from last year!
Bon Chance!

Barb said...

a beautiful picture, microdot --God's promise you know. no more global wide destruction by flood. I wonder if God anticipated global warming.