Thursday, January 17, 2008


I recieved an email to sign the Draft Bloomberg Petition. Now, I have some pretty set views at this point as far as the limited possiblities Americans can take in the next election to begin to reclaim the trashed nation that Bush&Co are leaving behind.
I want to take steps that really work and accomplish something positive. I believe in a multiparty system and I would like to see America become a place where there could be a wide palette of choices and a real democratic process that would allow voters to narrow the field down from a wide spectrum of opinions and ideas.

But in this present climate of Money driven Special interests politics in America, I don't think it is a possiblitity.

I really like Bloombergs commitment to ecology and what he is really doing to make New York one of the most green cities on the planet. He is going far beyond in a visionary sense regarding the commitment to change and the willingness to implement it. Unfortunately, if he leaves the leadership of NYC after this term, will the next mayor have the commitment or the moral compass to resist the forces of corruption to continue with his program?

I actually like and respect Mr. Bloomberg as far as liking and respecting one of the wealthiest men on the planet could actually be a valid statement. I should qualify that with the comment, I like the porcine strain 284-E of the influenza virus as far as liking a virulent disease can go.

So, my blog buds and buddets, your mission is to please tell me why I should or shouldn't sign Mr. Bloombergs petition. To demonstrate how "catch-a-fire" this movement is, after 4 days, the petition has less than 2000 signatures.

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microdot said...

Well, I see my virulent disease comment rang true.
I promise, I am not interested in a Mike Bloomberg campaign in the least.
I just checked his website and a whopping 47 people signed the petition today!
Mike, New York City needs you! You don't havce to get a day job!