Saturday, January 12, 2008


You know folks, sometimes, sometimes, don't you just get so disgusted that you just plain disgust yourself? You sit through a week of American pundits and two bit self proclaimed opinion makers discussing Hillary Clinton getting emotional. Then we have Rudy Giuliani, the king of bathos, admitting he even gets "teary" when he thinks about 9/11, because he was there at 9/11 and if you don't elect his corrupt ass, don't expect him to get "teary" if there is another 9/11!
Then we have the obscene spectacle of George W. Bush in Israel at the Holocaust Memorial getting "teary". We know he did because his press secretary swears she saw it happen. George told us earlier this week that he is confident in that in the future, his legacy as a great American president will be recognized. This after all is his legacy year, in which he will shore up his great achievments for the broken planet he leaves behind. Here's a photo of the legacy he left to the the Arab world.
Ohh well, you can't score 100% all the time, not even a gentleman's "C" if you know what I mean. So I am disgusted, and my disgust disgusts myself and to drag you all into my deep, deep cycle of disgust, I want to invite you to George Bush's unveiling of his legacy, and perhaps, he'll shed a tear or two, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the George W. Bush Torture Legacy Memorial! How could we have allowed ourselves to sink so low. May we never forget!


mud_rake said...

I was thinking about this 'egacy' thing for the past two days as I watched his PR tour of the Middle East. What is most disgusting are the photo ops of Bush shaking hands with US soldiers fighting over there. Disgusting, but even worse: madness! Shear madness. A pre-emptive invasion based on vengance. Five years of occupation, hundreds of thousands of people killed, trillions of tax dollars wasted.

Legacy? He Hitler and Atilla.

-Sepp said...

I'm not going to get disgusted with myself since I have non left after I used it all on the government.
Today the dumb sunovabitch advocated going after Iran again.

Revolution anyone?

microdot said...

Now you're talkin' Sepp!

The reality is, if the forces of sanity don't do it, the crazies will do it! They see themselves as the Masters Of Chaos and have dared reality enough times to make them feel that they are invunerable.
If they create the chaos they desire by attacking Iran, they will play the hysterical fear card for what ever they think they can get away with and you can kiss your silly little "democratic" election