Monday, January 21, 2008

George Jr.s Legacy Part #2

Legacy, oh yeah, babe, we got your legacy right here and we're workin on it,
Gimme a break, I got one fuckin year now, yer bustin my balls!
Meanwhile here's a little present, Ya gotta love me!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008! This just in!
In a surprise move, the Federal Treasury announced that the 500 Dollar Happy Meal will now include a Big Angus 1/3 pound Burger with CHEESE!, super sized fries, a 1 liter soft drink of your choice and HOT APPLE PIE!
This should get the markets jumpin'!


mud_rake said...

Had I not suffered so intently for the past 7 years because of this Bozo, I might have laughted. But the most I can muster is a slight grin.

microdot said...

Well, Sergeant Mudrake it's going to take a lot more than a "slight grin" to win this war!
Pull your socks up and get your thumb out and get ready for a formal public depantsing and general festival of full out ridicule!
So many investigations going on...uhh, remember the Federal Prosecutors appointment scandal that finally forced an attorney general to
It's been buried in the controversy of officials ignoring subpoenas, but get ready, it's going to break!
So many investigations, so few indictments.........
In a surprise move, the Treasury Department annouced today that the $500 Happy Meal will include a Big Angus 1/3 pound burger with cheese, super sized fies and hot apple pie!
That'll get the market shakin'!

engineer of knowledge said...

Hey! I just had a great idea on how I’m going to do my part to stimulate the economy. I’m going to take my $800 and buy some porn….or would that be wrong?

microdot said...

A interesting, but not ecologically sound idea...I think you might be contributing to global warming and perhaps there should a federally funded study!

engineer of knowledge said...

Well, I would have to admit that there is the possibility of a respectable amount of frictional heat that would be generated as a singularly or duality byproduct. There is also the secondary point that should be brought up dealing with the “wave–particle duality theory” which is the concept that all matter exhibits both wave-like and particle-like properties at the same time. This can easily be demonstrated by the use of a water bed and then analyzing the particles that were captured by the bed sheets after the fact.

Let us not forget that one could surely surmise that the frictional heat would be a significant amount to the point that it should register on a typical infrared imaging device. Of course, after I had written my scientific paper dealing with the “Cause and Effects” regarding the Thermal Dynamics Motion study titled, “The Angle Of The Dangle Being In Direct Relationship To The Heat Of The Meat,” and submitted it to the White House for scientific review, the lawyer that was appointed by the Cheney / Bush Administration who had previously worked for the Coal / Oil lobby would edit and reword the scientific paper so as to not malign the Coal / Oil industries. I would have to predict that the summation of the edit would reflect that there was no Global Warming noted making my “Economic Stimulation Project” viable and non-harmful to the environment. At this point, I am sure that I would secure a federally funded, complete ecological study with the understanding that I would funnel part of the grant money back into the Republican Party Campaign Funds. IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT!