Sunday, January 13, 2008


For Immediate Release: Today, the Heavy Metal Group, The Masters Of Chaos announced the release of their 12th CD, titled New World Order!
Unbelievably, in spite of lack of sales and general critical disapproval, the legendary
group forges on. It's hard to believe that this group of aging dinosaurs, unable to fill concert halls, let alone a school cafeteria was able to muster up the label support to release this collection of bombastic repititious trash!
The tracks include the blues influenced, "Ayatollah Yo Mama", the John McCain penned classic, "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran!" and lead singer, Handsome Big Dick Cheneys anthem,"Don't Step On My Oxblood Cordovans, Boy, or I'll Shoot Your Sorry Ass!"
When asked about the longevity of his group inspite of lack of interest and low disapproval ratings by the public, guitarist Furious George said, "Gee, uhh, beats me, but I have a real strong feeling in my gut, that this will be the big one!"
Keyboard Player, The foxy Condi, chimed in with,"When the Freedom loving people of the world hear the fresh air of Democracy that our music is portraying and the terrorists are playing our CD of Freedom in their foxholes of gloom......" at this point, Condi started to nod off and Handsome Big Dick roared,"No one said they liked our last records but that never stopped us and now they all can just sit back and shut up, because we rock!"
The new rythmn section, two Mexican guys named Vinnie and Larry nodded furiously in agreement. "They better agree", Big Dick growled,"I'm holding their Green Cards!"
OnSale Today, whether you like it or not!


mud_rake said...

But, microdot, apparently you did not get the latest White Hous briefing: Bush insists Iran biggest terror sponsor.

Get with the plan, mister, or your days are numbered!

engineer of knowledge said...

Hellooooooooooooo Microdot,
The MAN is back!!!

I have to ask one question, didn’t this group use to open for George Clinton And The Funkadelics, Mother Ship Connection Tour in the mid-1970’s? I think I remember some of them from the Nixon / Ford era.

microdot said...

One Nation under a groove, gettin down just for the Funk Of It!
One Nation, we're on the move, No One Can Stop Us Now!

Do yah promise to funk the whole truth and nothin but the truth,
The whole night long?

steve said...

OH SNAP! lolol, funny stuff!

-Sepp said...

Damned 80's hairbands!