Saturday, May 09, 2009

100 Days Of Steele!

RNC Chairman and soon to be toast, Mike Steele hosted Bill Bennets radio talk show today and started off with this zinger. I know it's all over the internets today, but if you haven't heard it, then you will understand why Mike Steele is the gift that keeps on giving. They can't just fire him, y'all know what that would look like!

STEELE: Good morning y’all, we’re back in the house. We’re talking a little bit of Constitution and a little bit Supreme Court. And a whole lot of saving America’s judicial system and saving our rights as citizens and not having empathetic judges decide cases, but rather judges who are actually understanding the rule of law and what the Constitution and those laws are all about. And how to apply the facts to the law and the law to the facts. And adjudicate my case. I don’t need some judge sitting up there feeling bad for my opponent because of their life circumstances or their condition. And short changing me and my opportunity to get fair treatment under the law. Crazy nonsense empathetic. I’ll give you empathy. Empathize right on your behind. Craziness.

Mike is celebrating his 100th day as Chairman of the Republican National Committee and we wish him many, many more!

1 comment:

historymike said...

"Empathize right on your behind."

Too strange. I'd suggest that there is an element of homoeroticity going here, but I suspect this was just a stupid word choice.