Monday, May 04, 2009


I recieved a message from blogger that thebrainpolice was a spam blog and was being blocked. I am posting this to see if this is some kind of ridiculous system glitch.
They say they are reveiwing my blog and will unblock it...wierd and bizarre and it pisses me off!


Michael Brooks said...

Just don't send them any passwords or anything. There are a lot of fake Blogger and Google emails from spammers and phishers trying to steal passwords and thus hijack websites.

microdot said...

Well, Mike, that was my first thought, but the message appeared on my blogger dashboard.
I followed the instructions which were to go to a link and just type in a word code to prove that I was actually a human...ha ha, fooled them again I guess...
It seems to have worked. This morning, the blog was unblocked.

mikeb302000 said...

Weird is right. I haven't had anything like that.

mud_rake said...

I could help the author of the 'notice' in locating some REAL SPAM blog sites if he/she wants.

Remember: spam backwards is maps.

DromedaryHump said...

They probably thought you were actually French.


microdot said...

I am beginning to think that I am actually french...tell me hump, is there any hope for me?
Yours, coverend in camembert,