Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Night Political Hip Hop Party!

Well, it all started with Michael Steele and his wild claim tht he was going to give the Republican Party a Hip Hop Make over...The trouble was that some people took him seriously. As we know, there is the 20% Base of the party that will believe anything.
So here is is for the first time and hopefully the last, The Young Cons!


Yikes, that was their Anthem...sorta like Vanilla Ice meets the Manhattan Transfer.
Nothing original here anyway, Conservative hip hop already has its master! That's right folks, it MC ROVE showin all those young neo cons the old school technique and it doesn't (unfortunately) get any better than this!

Man, what was that? I think I gotta change my under wear....
Here, let's listen to some real political hip hop with a real message. These guys will show you how it is supposed to be done! This is The Cause Of Death by The Immortal Technique....


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