Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ELMO TALK...YOU LISTEN..... not here...hee...heee...eeee...skreeky....
This is me Elmo, I haven't been here for a long time because of the evil
microdot. SKweeeeeK... remove my batteries and put me in box, but I am smart...
Today, Microdot mow lawn and I, Elmo, The Creationist Anti Science Robot am back!
Now I have fun and create blog for you. Microdot and his bad friends
make fun of creationist science. They say earth is billions of years old!
They believe in evil evolution!
This am wrong! Earth is almost 7,000 years old. That's old enough!
They say that bones in rocks are millions of years old and are from animals and men who lived long ago. That why they look funny.
Elmo say they look funny because they are from old sick animals who had rhumatism and arthritis from dampness after great flood.
What ever you do, don't go to microdots evil friend, The Engineer of Knowlege's blog.
Full of lies and evil false knowlege.
Engineer makes fun of creationism and presents evil facts that make Elmo's transistors hot. When Elmos transistors get too hot, Elmo smell bad....
lawnmower turn off. Evil Microdot finish mowing...
got to go now...get back in closet.
don't let him know I was here and what ever you do don't look at
evil Engineer of Knowlege blog!


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
You had me laughing out loud as soon as I went on your site. Murphy’s Law got me. Again, I have always said that when it comes to satire…… you are the best my friend.

My hard drive went up on my laptop and I am getting a new hard drive put into the old case as we speak. I had a great piece on how Exxon has been funding misleading science to counter global warming science fact. When I get my laptop back I will get it posted over the weekend. It is really good stuff to counter those who state that they don’t believe in that global warming hoax.

mikeb302000 said...

Thanks for the smile.

John B said...

Quite nice, this one. Elmo got nothin on Bishop What's-His-Name who calculated the age of the Earth!