Monday, April 04, 2011


On April 2, 2011, the dead rose and marched on the Madison Capital in protest of Governor Walker and his lackeys. Most of the dead, or is it undead?, claimed that they tried to eat Walker's brains, but they couldn't find any so they were now starving.

Speaking of no brains, the Walker administration hired a 24 year old college drop out who has a number of Drunk Driving Convictions to an $81,000 a year job and gave him a 26% raise already!
The young man, Brian Deschane's only prior job experience was through his father's lobbying firm doing hack work for failed political campaigns. He got the job because his father, Jerry Deschane's lobbying group raised $121,000 for Governor Scott Walkers election campaign and this was payback. Please tell us more about how Walker is trying to be fiscally responsible and bring honesty to the Wisconsin State Government!

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mud_rake said...

I'm often times wondered if Walker himself wasn't a zombie because of the total lack of affect on his face. As is most obvious, he hasn't a heart, either.