Saturday, April 09, 2011

River and Tides (extraits 1)

Last night I posted a comment on The Engineer of Knowledge's blog about what was art in response to a quote by the artist, Christo. The quote was "A work of art is a scream for freedom".
To my way of thinking about art, a work of art is freedom, because art is what the person who deems himself an artist says it is. If you look at something and say, "That's Art!" well, in that moment, for you it has become art. It is not up to me to impose my esthetic or opinion on what someone else considers art.
There is good art and bad art, but what makes it good or bad is purely decided by your own subjective observation. I observed that Christo was more interesting to me for his conceptual drawings and proposals for his projects which involve hundreds of assistants and thousands of dollars of funding and have been criticized for their environmental impact. None the less, I find a lot of his work exciting and provocative and esthetically stunning.
On the other hand, I suggested that you look at the work of a Scottish Environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy. This work is ethereal in the sense that it is not meant to exist outside of nature. Some of it exists for seconds. It melts, falls down and blows away. For me, Goldsworthy's work makes some very profound connections about Time, Nature, Impermanence and our place in all of this.
This is an extract from the documentary, Rivers and Tides. The music in the original piece is by Fred Frith.

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Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Microdot,
Wow, what great Earth Art. Andy Goldsworthy was a good lead and I will follow up on learning more. You are my link to good art exposure. Thank you again my friend.