Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Here's a little follow up to my post, EAT THE RICH from Monday about millionaire Chicago playboy, Ryan LeVin who was convicted of killing two British Businessmen with his Luxury Porsche Sportscar and got off with house arrest in his parents Ft. Lauderdale Condo by paying off the families. This was in spite of a record of drug offenses and an incident in Chicago in which he hit a cop with his car and fled.
Her was wanted in Chicago at the time for probation violations.
The Judge, Barbara McCarthy has been severely criticized for her judgement in the sentencing, but the only recourse is perhaps she won't be so easily re elected when her term is up in 2016, depending of course on the attention span of the voters in Florida.
The kicker here folks, is that the Lawyer for LeVin, David Bogeshutz, who negotiated the agreement was Barbara McCarthy's deputy campaign treasurer in her election......

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